Friday, October 30, 2009

30 Days of Insanity

Here it comes.

I am all set to go.

This year looks good. I have a story I am excited about. It has been tempting to not do the contest and just start writing. But I held off.

My local group has their write ins planned. The same coffee shop as last year, so I know my creative juices will be flowing! Also added at least one breakfast write in, for us early risers. I will go to more this year. Because they were a great way to get motivated.

So what now?

Everything is ready. I have my dropbox account all linked up. For any unforeseen hard drive failures. I got my little coffee maker working. I have a partner this year too. My husband is also attempting to write. It should be nice to have someone else in the house that understands the insanity. Or all hell will break out. One of the two.

But this year I am doing more than just writing. I am also taking a writing class. I am editing an earlier story. And possibly still writing the start of the second series (although that one can be put on hold for a little while) So I am stretching my self thin.

I thought it would be too much. But in my little group we have the college students with full work loads. A few people with major health issues. And professional writers. When I compare what I am doing to the others in my group. My workload suddenly doesn't seem too bad.

So here's to another NaNoWriMo. I hope we all hit our 50,000. And my posts will make more sense in December.

Thanks for Stopping By.