Friday, October 16, 2009

Swtiching Gears

Interesting developments this week. It's not Monday, but I can't wait to share.

1. Finished off my planned 4th story of my 1st series and realized that the main focus the series was missing in that story. I put a note down about that, so when I go back to edit I can work that out better.

2. Started the second series. Moving slow, but making headway everyday.

3. Second week of my writer's class. Now, I am getting motivated to edit more.

4. Speaking of editing. I have also started to edit the rough draft of the 1st story of the 1st series. Right now working on getting rid of the narratives and putting more action in. Here is an example of what I did.

She just kept walking. Vincent didn't say anything else. At the nightclub, Beka excused herself from the rest of the night and went upstairs to her apartment. She laid down on her couch.

Now it became"

Vincent didn't say anything else. They walked back in silence. At the door, Beka got a few strange glances from people waiting to get in, as she walked passed the bouncer cage, with just a nod from Swen. Vincent left her at the dance floor. Beka walked over to the bar.

Lorelei, John's long time girlfriend was tending the bar tonight. Her purple and pink hair was glowing in the black lights that they had behind the bar. As Beka walked behind the bar, to take the back way up to her apartment. Lorelei quickly put down a drink and followed Beka in the back.

"You okay?" Lorelei asked.

Beka just wanted to hide. She didn't want to talk right now. "I need to lay down." She told Lorelei.

Lorelei tilted her head. Her silver jewelry making small tinkling noises as she did. "Andi said you looked like you were very upset."

Beka turned her head away, so Lorelei couldn't see her face. She could feel her face turning hot out of embarrassment and anger. Why did they care? She thought.

"I just have a nasty headache." Beka lied.

"Alrighty," Lorelei said. She reached into her back pocket. "This is some tea Cassie brought over tonight. It's supposed to help with headaches."

She handed the small packet out to Beka. Beka took it without turning her head too much. Then she hurried to the back of the club to the stairs to the apartments above.

In her apartment, Beka smelt the tea bag. It smelt like everything in Cassie's store; patchouli and cinnamon. Beka laid the bag down on her table, strewn with computer books and a few hard drives. Beka walked to her living room and threw herself on the couch. The springs protested.
It's amazing what you can milk out of your rough drafts. But reading it again, I can see where I still need to work on it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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