Monday, November 9, 2009

Teaser Tuesday NaNoWriMo style

Teaser Tuesday Time!

Again this is a recent part of my NaNoWriMo novel, warts and all. To catch you up, the good guys, he he, went through the portal.

The scent drifted passed again. Steopa sniffed the air. It was weak, and would disappear as soon as Steopa smelt it. He pulled the spider leg out.

A snort from a large animal came from Steopa's left side. He turned. Standing just down the slope from them was a group of mounted humanoids.

Their mounts were four legged crosses between a lizards and a praying mantis. Two arms that ended in one long claw rested along the mounts chest. They were about the size of large field horses. One of the mounts raised it's head an made a strange chirping, moaning noise.

The humanoids on the mounts were large. Steopa would have no trouble looking them in the eyes. They had five eyes. Two set of them on top of each other, one white eye above the sets. Their skin was gray and brown, it looked like tanned leather. Six fingers on a massive hand held the bridle to their mounts. They had hair, or what looked like hair, most of them wore it braided and wrapped around their helmets. One raised up the corners of it's mouth. Their teeth were long, sharp, and razor like.

There were eight of them. The one in the front got off his mount. His armor clanged as he hit the ground. He made a noise, it sounded like large cats growl. He pulled out a scythe looking weapon from his side and made the noises again.

Steopa glanced at Navarro. No one had moved. Moriko's hair began to uncurl and spread out behind her head. Jeremiah still had his gun ready, but he had the barrel lowered.

The armored creature looked at all of them. The fifth eye on his forehead glowed.

“What are you doing here?”

Steopa heard the words in Lithuanian, not English. The one that was off his horse looked at them. Steopa felt a pain in his head.

Perun spoke, in Russian. “We were sent here.” He said.

“By who?”

Jeremiah answered, in English, “By my commanding officer.”

Navarro started to shake his head and whimper.

Steopa stepped forward. “Who are you?” he asked.

The one with the glowing eye, raised the corners of his mouth. It could have been a smile, or a sneer. “Pułkownik,”

Steopa shook his head. He knew that term it meant colonel. “That is your rank.”

“Pulkownik,” The creature walked up to Steopa.

Steopa gripped the spider leg. The creature glanced down at the spider leg. He snorted. Steopa waited, it would be no good to attack them now, Steopa had no idea what their strengths or abilities were.

Pulkownik pointed to Runa. He made the growling noise. Runa glanced at the rest of them. “He wants me to go with him.”

“No,” Perun said.

“That would be a bad idea.” Jeremiah said.

Runa shook her head. Amanda had backed up into Navarro, she put her arms around him. Pulkownik glanced at her and pointed. Amanda shook her head.

Moriko stepped forward. “Do you only want weak women?” She asked.

“Moriko,” Steopa said quietly.

“They will not find me as easily scared,” Moriko said. Her hair fanned out behind her head.

Runa walked forward, unsteady on her feet, as if she was being controlled by someone else. Pulkownik shook his head. The other ones on their mounts shook their bridles. Runa began to dance.

“What are you doing?” Perun said harshly.

Runa did not respond. She moved like a belly dancer across the green marble. She moved closer to the creatures on their mounts. Her eyes were misted over as if she had cataracts. Perun grabbed her arm as she passed him. Runa tried to pull away.

“You cannot fight us,”

Steopa growled. Pulkownik turned his head and focused on Steopa.

“You will come with us,”

“Give us a reason why,” Vindar asked.

Pulkownik pointed to Big John, “He will rip you apart.”

Vindar was making the gravel noise. Steopa smirked. “So you cannot fight your own battle?” Steopa asked Pulkownik.

Pulkownik raised his scythe. He pointed it at Steopa. The rest of the creatures shook the bridles. They began to fan out around the group.

Steopa raised the spider leg slightly.

“You came from the Kanonosqi village,” Pulkownik said, “If they do not eat you, you are an ally.”

Steopa shook the spider leg, “Would they just give me their limbs?”

Pulkownik glance at the other creatures. “Not as stupid as we thought.” He said.

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