Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Thanks to Sarah Scribbles for the passing on the idea of Teaser Tuesday!

This is part of my NaNoWriMo work, unedited, warts and all.

Jeremiah came to Steopa's cell. He held up two blood bags. “Type O and Type A,” Jeremiah said.

“Why should that matter.” Steopa said.

“I thought maybe it was like a wine vintage.” Jeremiah said, grinning.

Steopa shook his head and took the blood bags. It wasn't hunting, but he did get a meal every night.

James' walkie talkie beeped. James answered it. “James, here.” he said.

“We need you at the North Station,” a voice said.

“Can not do,” James said. “We have to feed the ghoul.”

“Negative, Private Reese can proceed without you.”

Jeremiah shook his head. James picked up the walkie talkie. “That is not a good idea.” James said.

“Private Trowbridge report to the North Station.” The voice commanded.

Jeremiah glanced at the Ghoul's door. “I guess I will try.”

“Sorry, man.” James said. He left the cell area.

Steopa raised the blood bag to his mouth then stopped. Jeremiah's face went pale.

“If you are quick, you should be fine.” Steopa said.

“Yeah, I know,” Jeremiah said. “But that thing is fast.”

Steopa bit into the blood bag. A wine glass would be more elegant, but the exposure to the air would make the blood taste rusty. He watch Jeremiah.

Jeremiah picked up the bag that was on the bottom of the tray. He held it in the crook of one arm as he undid the keys on his belt with the other hand. He unlocked the flap on the door.

Steopa could hear the ghoul inside. It was dragging it's claws across the door. Jeremiah flipped open the flap, and threw the bag inside. The ghoul's hand was visible for a second then disappeared in the gloom.

Jeremiah sighed. He reached over to lock the flap. The ghoul reached out and grabbed his arm. Forcing him against the door. Jeremiah screamed.

Steopa swore in Lithuanian. He pounded on the side of his doorway. Perun started to shout. Navarro and Vindar both came to their doors, craning their necks to see what was going on.

“Get your asses in here!” Perun yelled.

Jeremiah's body was tugged. He tried to pull back while he was screaming. The ghoul pulled on him again.

No one was coming. Steopa threw the blood bag to the floor. He balled up his fist and hit his glass door. The door did not break, it turned to powder. He ran to Jeremiah's side and reached into the slot of the ghoul's door.

The ghoul bit his arm. Steopa swore and groped for the ghoul through the slot. Jeremiah wasn't screaming anymore. His mouth was still opened as if he was screaming, but no sound was coming out.

Steopa found the ghoul's head. It was eating Jeremiah's arm. Steopa hit it on the side of the ghoul's head. He heard bones break. Steopa wasn't sure if it was the ghoul's head or Jeremiah's arm. Jeremiah fell backwards.

The ghoul reached through the slot and tried to grab Steopa. Steopa grabbed it's arm and broke it. The ghoul hissed. Steopa slammed the flap shut. The metal buckled under his fist. It got stuck in the slot. The ghoul began to claw at the flap.

Steopa turned around. Jeremiah was curled up in a ball, holding his one arm. The ghoul had eaten most of Jeremiah's hand off. Blood was coursing out of the stump. All Jeremiah could say was “Ah, Ah,”

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