Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's coming 2010.

Ten years ago, some people thought the world was going to end. Do you remember? I knew people that had actually bought small cabins and stock piled them with food, water, and probably weapons too. They were so certain that the world was going to stop because of a bug in a computer clock.

Not me, I was more optimistic. I sat on my couch and watched the 24 hour new millennium celebrations from all over the world. And the computer glitch. I still had a Windows 3.1 machine at that time, the clock when back to the year 1985, nothing else weird happened. I just reset it, went on with my life, and bought a new computer, later.

This was also about the time I started to have my characters show up in my head. I would write little short stories about them. But nothing clicked. I knew then that I wanted these characters to live on the page, but I could not find a good way to get them out there.

Here it is 10 years later, we are still here. Although some people think that in two years that will change. And finally those characters that were starting to form then, are becoming solid, now.

So what am I looking forward to in the new year. Finally, to hold one of my novels in my hand as a book. I hope some others read the book and enjoy reading it as much as I did when I wrote it. I will loose those last fifty pounds!

2010 should be exciting for me. I have a plan for the next year, and it is looking up already.

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