Sunday, December 6, 2009

Self Publishing; My reasons...

About three months ago, I was deep in the middle of writing out the rough draft to book three of my series. My husband and I stopped at one of our favorite little shops. We know the owner, as well as you can, for being regular customers. And the rest of the workers there are wonderful people as well. This shop is a wonderful mix of craft, arts, herbs, etc. You can get the idea.

We got into a conversation about the latest books we were reading. I said something like, "I haven't read anything for awhile, too busy writing my own."

"Really, What is it?" The owner asked.

"Vampire fiction. About a woman who's life become much better after becoming a vampire."

"Scary or Romantic?"

"There is a romance, but it's not a major plot point. More action, than horror," I said, "But the main character finally is able to protect her brother. He's always protected her, you understand."

And after a few more minutes of discussing my book. The owner smiled at me and said, "Get it done, get it published, and here is your spot on the counter!"

I thanked her, but immediately thought, how in the hell am I going to do this?

Turns out I already had the answer sitting in my bookmarks. It was a list of on demand publishers. I had originally got the list when I was thinking of getting all my recipes together and having them bound in a book form, for my own use. But this was going to be put out into the public. Was it worth the risk?

I began to to some research. Self publishing was not as complicated as when my father did his autobiography. He had to go to a local printer and order at least 100 copies. He made no profit on the deal, but that was not the point of his decision to to it. He wanted to get his story out.

He would have loved the internet. He could have not only got his story publish, with little or no cost to him (a sign of a good self publisher) But he could have made a little money on the side.

My goal is not to make a ton of money. Really it is isn't. I would like to make back my investment. Which is the cost of buying my own ISBNs, and ordering enough copies for the store. An investment that even in today's dollars was less than my dad spent nearly twenty years ago.

Granted I have to do a lot more work. I have to do my own typesetting. I have to do my own editing (although, I found out two of my friends do editing on the side and will edited it for a fee; considering that too), I have to do my own promotion. But you know what, Why Not?

If I only break even, great. If I am struck by the lighting of the literary gods and it becomes popular. I would be very, very grateful. But the road is going to be exciting, what ever happens.

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