Sunday, December 20, 2009

What are my "rules" for my vampires?

Vampires are one of my favorite monsters, but not for many of popular reasons that people like the monsters. Yes, vampires can be sexy and dangerous, but they are more than that.

If you were to start to look beyond Twilight, Buffy, the Anne Rice books, and even Dracula and look at all the old tales from all over the world, you would find that vampires are far more diverse than the popular image of a vampire.

Since my stories do feature vampires, I had to take a good hard look at them. One of the first things I discovered was that there are no hard rules for vampires. Even the most popular one, sunlight is harmful for vampires. There were some that the moonlight hurt. So with all this information in my mind. I came up with some "rules" for my universe.

  • Sunlight can hurt.
You can develop a tolerance to it. But it's describe as having your worst hangover with a migraine and getting a horrible suntan. If a vampire is injured to the point they cannot heal before the sun rises and they are not protected from the rays. They will turn to ash.
  • Human blood is a must.
These vampires must drink blood. They don't have to kill, every time, but the majority of their blood must come from humans. Animal blood can be used in emergencies, but if they make it the only type of blood, something far worst happens to them.
  • Stakes do hurt, but not always kill.
The purpose of a stake is to hold the vampire in place. It must be made of certain woods and be long enough to hold them to the ground. Little stakes do nothing, but annoy.
  • Cut the head off!
This is the only true way to make sure you kill the vampires. But you better make sure the head and the body don't touch. Some vampires in my stories have no problem with putting themselves together. As long as it is done before sunrise.
  • Human food, maybe.
The problem with human food and drink is the heighten senses of the vampires. They can still eat and drink, mainly to appear normal, but its a very bland diet. So no curry, unless they loved it as a human and found away to get passed the intense flavor.
  • There are some powers that are universal and some that are personal.
The universal powers among my vampires are increase strength, increased speed, moving earth, and glamor. But each vampire develops other powers that makes them unique. Not all can turn to mist. Not all of them can get inside a persons mind and make them do their biding. And some have found powers that other vampires are frightened of.
  • Vampire society is not clans
Vampires should be independent hunters. That may need the assistance of other vampires once in awhile. They may develop friendships, although that means you have a friend that is competing with you for resources. Any vampire that tries to run a clan, doesn't last long.
  • Sex.
Not really. You might get a vampire that will make a human think they are having a great time in bed, just to make the feeding easier. Almost all vampires cannot have sex.
There are exceptions. But I don't want to give too much away.

There are a lot more, but I wanted to touch upon the ones that always come up in current discussions about vampires. Even though, I said these are "rules" they are more like guidelines. As I develop some of the characters I did have to change the "rules" for them a bit. Then to explain why it is was possible for A to do something and not B, made for some interesting story conflicts.

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  1. Hey, I can comment now!!! YAY!!!

    Anyway, I was going to say that I'm working on a vampire type novel as well (I'm nothing if not original..LOL) but my vampires also have their own "world" with specific rules that don't always follow the mainstream of what you would expect. I think it's fun to do that!