Monday, December 28, 2009

You ungrateful.... so and so....

A while back I ranted about the romantic vampires and how I do not like them. Well, looking back and thinking it over. It's not the romance. It's the attitude.

Case in point; Dracula:
  • romantic
  • strange
  • mysterious
  • powerful
  • scary
My type of vampire!

But now there is the crop of emo vampires. Some that are so emo, the emo kids are telling them to lighten up. What is the cause of their angsts? They hate being a vampire. Look if it is that bad, just set your alarm clock for noon and take a walk.

Maybe its because they whine about how they hate being a vampire, and then rub it in your face. "I hate what I am, But do you want me to take you to the top of that tree?" Jump!
Or they use their strength, or use their speed. But the whole time whining about how bad it is.

It's like the TV show Heroes. I like Hiro. Because when he discovers his power, he gets excited. He knows he has to keep it a secret, but he also knows he is special and must help others.

Take a vampire example: Alucard from anime Hellsing. There is a vampire that enjoys what he is. Of course he is one of the most powerful vampires, if not the most powerful one. But when he is wasting an opponent, he is usually gleefully laughing.

There it is, these whiner vampires should be grateful that they have all these powers. There is a price. Hiro is dying. Alucard is a kept killer. Of course there is the blood. That seems to be a problem with some vampires. Even though, that is their main food source.

Okay lets look at this a different way.

A vampire was a human. The big word there is; was. You are no longer what you were. So why keep trying to be human? It's like a junkie that kicks the habit, but then pretends to shoot up. What is the point of pretending to be something you are not?

Overall, I do not like, and have never liked the vampires that lament about their "horrible existence". First, I don't like complainers. Second, if you are able to do all these amazing and sometimes, frightening things, why fight it?

So the whiners, hate being a vampire, don't want to drink blood, and think that a woman is going to solve all their problems. There is something wrong with that.

It gives me a headache. I'm going to dust off my Playstation and play one of The Legacy of Kain games. The only whiner vampire in those games had reason to whine, and it did not involve any of the above reasons. Poor Raziel, getting executed by your brothers is a good reason to whine. Maybe he should have a talk with Edward.

Raziel Before

Raziel After

"Edward, you hate your skin. I lost my wings, and my skin, and my lower jaw. Enough already!"