Sunday, January 24, 2010

Character Interview: Vincent Hugh

Another interview with my characters. This is the first vampire you meet in the story.

Vincent Hugh

Real or what I tell people? Ok, I tell people I am 29. My real age 127. Yeah, I know I still look good.

What do you do?
Hang out. I "own" the Burgundy Rathskeller. So I basically play host there. Sometimes I pitch in when things are busy.

Not any more.

Favorite music?
I like music you can dance too. But, I really love Elvis and Hank WIlliams Jr.. I know that sounds weird coming from a guy sitting in a Goth club

What do you do for fun?
After this interview is over, I could show you.

What kind of people do you dislike?
Anyone that hurts my friends. They usually find out that, most of the time I am nice, but I can be nasty.

How do you feel about the events in the novel?
Beka deserved it. (laughs) No, no, no in a good way. It's nice to have someone close that knows what's its like. Although, I feel like I'm her brother now. And I am really glad to get that thing out of the basement.

Why are manhole covers round?
(laughs) You really want to know? (he then whispered an answer to me that I cannot print here do to it's adult nature)

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