Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muses, come in all shapes and sizes.

Everyone needs at least one muse. I have been lucky enough to have several.

First is my husband, who listens to all the crazy ideas I have, and offers suggestions. He is also the inspiration for one of my characters personality, at least some of that character's personality.

Second are movies.  I watch movies while I write. Actually, its more of I listen to the movie, and watch the screen once in awhile. These are movies I know and love. For me it's listening to the dialog that helps me along. I would try it with audio books, but I am afraid I would start to copy the author's writing style.

Third is unexpected help! I suggest everyone who is serious about writing talk to anyone you can about it, work it into your conversations. Earlier in the blog I mentioned the shop owner that wants to sell my books. This was a welcomed surprise. And also became the motivation for me to move beyond the rough drafts of my stories and to get them cleaned up. She gave me a dead line (not a real one, just "I hope to see them soon".) So I have been working harder now.

Fourth, I recommend people watching. I take public transportation. It is a wonderful place to find inspirations for characters, and listening to conversations will help you develop an ear for "real" dialog.  If you are worried that you are eavesdropping, don't.  There are a lot of people that talk loud enough for the whole bus to hear. If they didn't want you to hear about their latest doctor issue, they should learn to use their inside voices.

There are a lot more muses out there, but these are the main four that have inspired me.

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