Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WIP Wednesdays Chapter Three

WIP means, still not polished and things may changed, you have been warned.

Lorelei had her phone out. In the window, Beka saw Swen pick up his phone.
“Swen, there is someone on the roof of the 'keller.” Lorelei said.
Swen nodded. When they got closer, Swen was talking to Vincent as he was standing up. By the time John had reached the door, Swen was coming out of the shop.
Swen was a large man. He stood well over six feet, his shoulders were almost as wide. He wore his dirty blond hair in a pony tail, under a bandanna. He was blocking them from entering Cassie's shop, by standing there.
“Sorry, man.” He said, as he stepped aside.
Beka squeezed around Swen. Swen pulled out his keys for the building. Then he reached in his back pocket and took out a black tube made of cloth. It made a tinkling sound as he brought it around. John stepped back when he saw it.
“Whoa,” John said, raising his hands.
Swen slapped the cloth tube in John's hand. John hand dropped.
“Come on, I need someone to watch my back.” Swen said.
Cassie stood inside the doorway. She was tall, slender, and had very long brown hair, that never seemed to be combed. She was wearing a loose blouse and a large hat with flowers. She smiled at Beka. Every time Cassie smiled, it was calm and reassuring.
“I'm sure it's nothing,” She said. Even her voice was calm.
Swen and John were walking to the main doors of the Rathskeller. Lorelei took Beka's arm. “Let's wait in here.” She said.
Cassie turned around. “I've got a fresh pot of coffee.” She said.
“Sounds good,” Lorelei said.
Vincent tapped Lorelei's shoulder. “What's going on?”
“I saw someone on the building,” Lorelei said.
Vincent looked at the ceiling. “Alright, I'm going to go too.”
He hurried out the door. The customer that Cassie had been helping came over. “Is there anything wrong?” she asked.
Cassie touched her arm. “It's alright. Probably an animal or something.”
“But the street is blocked off,” Beka said. “Something happened at the second hand shop.”
The customer shook her head. “What is this place coming to,” She said, as she left the shop.
“Coffee? Or I could make you some tea?” Lorelei asked.
Lorelei sat down at the counter. Beka looked at the tall bar stools that surrounded the coffee bar. She climb up on one, trying to find a comfortable place for her butt. No matter where she sat on the stool, she never felt like she had enough support.
Cassie poured hot water into a red china tea pot. “It's been a weird week,” She said. “Saturday, I had some strange kids come in here and ask me all sort of questions.”
She placed the bags in the pot. “Just weird questions.” She said, “About blood magic.”
“There is such a thing?” Beka asked.
Cassie nodded, as she got down three tea cups. “Oh, yeah, I don't mess with it.”
“What did you do?” Lorelei asked.
“About what?”
“About those kids.”
“Sold them a couple of books,” Cassie opened up the glass case that held the pastries. “The blond woman that was with them was not nice.”
Without asking, Cassie handed out three muffins. Beka looked at the muffin. She had just eaten. She was full. But it was chocolate, chocolate chip with cherries. She glanced at Lorelei, who had a mouthful of muffin. Beka took a small bite of her muffin.

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