Saturday, February 27, 2010


This WIP I work on when the mood hits me. At least once a week. It's a tough one for two reasons.
1. Extremely violent. I surprise myself with the actions I put down.
2. The main character has a unique voice. I have to really get in the mind set to write him.

Thank goodness it's a short story.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Fledgling Podcast
  • Finished the SCRIPTS!
  • Heard some of the actors. We have some amazing people donating their time for this.
  • Not too many interested in voice acting, but the ones that signed up are doing multiple roles. THANKS.
  • Will start recording next month.
A woman has an affair with a "spirit of the forest".
  • Sounds like trashy romance, is not coming out that way.
  • Some interesting side characters have come out.
  • No working title, yet.
  • Researching Victorian fancy dress parties, and the Greenman.
The Prince and the Vase
Albrecht just wants the fairies to replace the vase they destroyed.
  • Paused on it for now. But making notes.
  • A bit of a satirical work.
  • Setting it in the town I live in, should be interesting.
  • Looks like a novella.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What this blog is...

I have two other blogs and each of them has a list of my WIPs. You know what I am getting sick of having to update both of them weekly. I should do it daily, but too lazy.

So that's what this blog is for.

I will leave longer updates on each work as they progress.


My WIP's as of today

An urban vampire fantasy.
Recent updates:
# Changed the spelling of the title from Fledgeling to Fledgling.
# Finishing up second round of editing, started to send it to a copy editor, by chapter.
# Over half way done with major edits. One last pass through!

Fledgling Podcast
# Not too many interested in voice acting, but the ones that signed up are doing multiple roles. THANKS.
# Will start recording next month.

A woman has an affair with a "spirit of the forest".
# Sounds like trashy romance, is not coming out that way.
# Some interesting side characters have come out.
# No working title, yet.

Young man wakes up a vampire.
# Not really a sequel to Duncan, but related.
# Working title Lucas
# Shelved.

Albrecht just wants the fairies to replace the vase they destroyed.
# A bit of a satirical work.
# Working title: None.
# Setting it in the town I live in, should be interesting.
# Looks like a novella

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chapter 7

WIP means Work In Progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

“Oh,” Beka said.
“What?” Steopa asked.
“The candle.”
Steopa raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The candle went out. Beka could feel the weight of all the tonnes of earth above her. It felt comforting. She closed her eyes.
Vincent asked, Did it work? His voice sounded as tired as Beka felt.
No, Beka thought. The word came out so hard, that she wondered if she had spoken it as well.
You're with him?
Johnny's having a fit. I made Swen take off one of the belts to his bike. He wants to go and find you, Vincent said.
Tell him, I am alright.
Beka felt coldness starting to creep over her body. She shook, trying to keep warm.
Vincent. Come get my body, if I don't survive, Beka thought.
She surprised herself. It was a logical request. There was no pleading or any emotion at all.
Alright, I will see you tomorrow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Character Interview: Lorelei



What do you do? 
Run the Rathskeller

Just John.

Favorite music? 
I know John hates it, but I love the pop dance stuff.

What do you do for fun? 
I do not put on any make up and I sit around in my PJs and watch movies.

What kind of people do you dislike? 
I'm okay with most people.

How do you feel about the events in the novel? 
Do you know how much damage was done to my bar. I am still upset. The video screen alone was a few thousand. But I am glad that thing is gone.

Why are manhole covers round? 
I dunno, never really noticed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chapter Six

**WIP means not polished and things may change you have been warned.

Beka is searching for Steopa.

It was black. The light from the small room, behind her was faint. She would not turn around to see how far she had gone. If she stopped now, she would run. Beka could hear her breathing as she continued. It seemed to echo off the walls. Her intake of breath was quick, and the exhale was loud and long.
“What am I doing?” She said. Her voice sounding as if she had shouted the words.
Vincent, she thought.
Beka, Vincent said
I am underground, heading straight for a giant vampire, tell me I'm not crazy.
You are not crazy. Is he close?
Beka nodded, then thought, yes.
You two are linked, you are safe, Vincent told her.
I'm still scared.
You're still human.
Beka shook her head. She laid her hand against the cinder block. She inhaled. The back of her hand felt like there were bugs crawling on it. Beka turned her body, her flashlight shined on her hand. There was a centipede crawling on the back of her hand. Beka screamed and shook her hand. 
She swore and stomped the ground. Beka shined the small flashlight around. When she found the centipede, crawling around on the floor, Beka stomped on it. Then stomped on it a more few times.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kevin Smith, us fat folks still love you.

I follow Kevin Smith on Twitter. Most of the time it's about his movies and having a relationship with his wife (if you follow him, you know that's the polite way to say it.)

But what happen to him on Saturday was just a horrible example of fat discrimination. It does happen, and it happened to him and at least one other person.

The whole story is on his Smodcast, but in a nutshell, he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines because of a “safety issue”. What was the issue? He is fat. First Kevin Smith is not that fat. He fit in seat on the plane and why should they care?

Now what happened later, which he covers in his podcast. Is that on the second flight, the woman that was sitting next to him was almost kicked off for the same reason.

Let me tell you something I know what fat is. I have lost 100 pounds and I am still fat. Even when I get to my planned lowest weight, according to most people, I will be fat. So I can relate to what happened to him.

I have never been kicked off a plane, but you get the “look”. You don't know what the “look” is. Let me explain it to you like this. It's a look of disgust mixed with fake pity. They may act like they care, but its not to make me feel better, or make me want to be healthier, its to make them feel better about themselves.

So lets look at what happen to Kevin Smith. He was not only given the “look”, but humiliated and treated like a criminal because of his size. It happens everyday. But us fat folks have learned to try to avoid it. We pick out the sturdiest seats, we have to use the handicap stall sometimes, we sometimes avoid going somewhere if we have to squeeze into whatever.

But this time they picked the wrong fat person to mess with. You see, the rest of us take it and complain to our family, but that is usually the end of it. But you see Kevin Smith twittered the whole adventure. It has been documented. And they will kiss his ass, because he is Silent Bob and he has fans that found out about this as soon as it happened.

If it was me, I would be crying, but they would not have offered me the $100 voucher (good job refusing it, Kevin Smith). They would not have even given me a second look. And on his podcast Kevin Smith said that if it wasn't for meeting the other fat person, who was treated the same way, he would have let it lie. But now he won't.

I am sorry that it happened to him. But at the same token, it is now out in the public and I want to see what the airlines excuse is going to be. And if weight and size is really an issue; take our measurements and weight before you take our money.

Love for some...

Ah Valentine's Day. The time for love. But not for my vampires.

You see, when I started to plan out these characters a long time ago, they were your typical romantic vampires. But then I thought, why?

So I decided that the rules for my vampires, made love and sex impossible for them. As it was explain in the up coming novel.
Steopa hung his head for a moment. “You are familiar with the modern stories about vampires?”
"Some,” Beka said.
“They suggest vampires are capable of sexual intercourse,” Steopa said. “That is wrong, we are dead. We cannot have sex, we cannot feel the emotions that would lead to sex, do you understand?”

It sounds horrible to the readers that expect it, but that was the rule that focused my writing. Then other interesting questions came up.
Do they have relationships? Why seduce anyone? What about dhamphirs? What if they did fall in love? Could they have families? As I mused over those questions. Figuring out the answers so they would fit my univerise, the story started to unfold.

Yet, as I worked these questions out. It was apparent that Steopa becomes more than just a teacher to Beka. So how to develop their "relationship" with out breaking my rules? You have to read to find out.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My last 30 minutes

Here I am, sitting at Freedom of Expresso in Armory Sqaure, shaking my head over the last 30 minutes.

I have one errand to do downtown, before I can go and enjoy myself with Winterfest.  All I have to do is buy my bus pass.  I was $20 short, so I stop at the nearest ATM.

Okay, someone is inside. wait. I look at my watch.  Ten minutes past. The woman is still in there, I think it's a woman. The thing is, she has not moved. Not at all, she is staring at the ATM. Another 5 minutes and a guy pushes me aside to get inside the ATM.

I tell him that someone is inside. "Yeah, its my wife," he  says and goes in.

Good, I think, maybe he can get her to move. Another five minutes. She still has not moved. He lights up a cigarette INSIDE THE BANK! I am about to scream.  I give them another two minutes. He's smoking and she is STILL staring at the ATM.

I give up. I head down to another ATM. I get in no problem, but this guy comes in right after me. There are multiple ATM's in this kiosk, so I am not too worried. But then he slaps my back.

"Hey, Hey Hey, How do you work this?"

He is swaying and smells like he had slept in a brewery. Mind you this is 9 AM! He is already so drunk he cannot press buttons?  Thank god someone else steps in and helps him out.

I get my money, run across the street to the safety of the coffee shop and wonder where the heck have these people come from?  And why did I have to run into them?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WIP Wednesdays: Chapter Five

* WIP means, still not polished and things may changed, you have been warned.

She made it to the bathroom. Beka reached for the sink and leaned on it for a moment. Beka studied her neck in the mirror. It had been bandaged, but the cotton was soaked through. She reached up and gently pressed on the bandage. She winced, but the pain was not as bad as before
Beka pulled the bandage away. What she had on her neck was not the cute little puncture wounds that they showed in the movies. What she saw was a bite. There were two semicircles of teeth indentations. The area was bruised. The colors of the bruise ran from dark, almost, black to a light yellow with a green tinge. The fangs had left tears, not smooth holes. There were four of them, not two. Where the vampire had tried to keep a hold of her, parts of her neck had been ripped away. Beka felt the bile burn up her throat and she threw up in the sink.
The blood was not clotting. It wasn't bleeding, either. The blood was oozing out of the wounds. It would slowly well up and then drip down her neck. Beka rubbed a drop of blood between her fingers. It felt warm and sticky, like warm honey.
She turned on the tap to clean the sink. Someone had hung a necklace she had never seen before up on the mirror. Beka took it down. The chain was broken. The locket was smooth. Beka could almost make out some writing on it. The metal had corroded in places. Beka turned it over in her hand. She found the latch and opened it. On one side was a woman in head scarf, on the other was the giant vampire.
Beka stared at the images in the locket. The colors were odd for a photograph, then Beka realize they were paintings. The paintings were so small, but the detail was amazing. She could almost make out the color of the eyes of the giant vampire.
She closed it carefully. She remembered hooking her fingers on a chain in the scuffle. Had I held on to it the whole time? Beka wondered. Beka wrapped it up in some tissue and placed it in her pocket. She turned off the tap and another wave of sickness hit her.
“Oh, Beka,” Lorelei ran in. “I didn't hear you get up.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Character Interview: Steopa Rodovitch

Name? Steopa Ivan Rodovitch

Age? Nearly 230

What do you do? Survive

Family? I choose not to answer that.

Favorite music?  While I was in university, I enjoyed the dances that I attended. Waltz's are my favorite. Recently, I have heard some of the folk rock coming from my old homeland. Some of it is quite good.

What do you do for fun? Read

What kind of people do you dislike? Anyone that crosses me. Or anyone that disturbs me.

How do you feel about the events in the novel? Surprising. But seeing that other (swears in a foreign language)  so soon, I could have lived the rest of my eternity without seeing him.

Why are manhole covers round? I can think of two reasons. One you can fit your equipment into the round hole. The other, the round cover is easier to replace.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm at that ugh stage...

Since May of last year, I have been doing two things; losing weight and writing. Right now I am at the Ugh Stage in both.

What is the Ugh stage? It's the stage of any long process, losing weight, writing, growing your hair out, painting, etc. where you can almost see the end, but its ugly.

With my weight I have lost 100 pounds. GREAT! The bad side. My skin is hanging off my body now. I am doing toning exercises, and I am working hard to get my skin back in shape, but for right now. Ugh! This is the stage where you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder that when you make your goal, if you could wear anything that would show skin. Remember the Simpson episode where Homer got liposuction, I am not that bad,  but I feel like that sometimes.

As for my writing.Every chapter I get back from my editor, should feel like I am one step closer to finishing. Nope, I am still tweaking my work after I get it back. After he gets done taking out the structure errors, I can find more pacing, and POV, and other strange things. So my novel is at Ugh too.

I am not stopping, I have worked too hard to stop now. But this is the point where you really find out if you want to go on.  It would be easy to stop recording what I eat, and not work out. And it would be a money saver and a time save if I stopped writing. But I don't want to. What else would I do? I don't even want to think about it.

WIP Wednesdays Chapter Four

WARNING: A violent scene.
Remember this is a work in progress, things will change, you have been warned.

There was a movement in the corner of her eye. She turned her head. There he was. He was already standing only a few yards from her. How had he done that?
Beka screamed.
He had her. She felt the pain. Her neck felt as if two nails were being hammered into her flesh. Her back arched, she tried to stop herself from peeing, but it was no use. She tried to move her arm and couldn't. He had her in an iron grip.
One of his hands was holding her head to the side. His fingers spanned across her face. The other arm was around her. Beka realized she was no longer touching the ground. She tried to kick him, but her legs refused to work.
Her vision became blurred. Beka realized it was his hair. It had fallen forward and was covering her face like a veil. Beka felt it move across her face. It felt alive, like hairy snakes.
An impact hit her and her attacker. He nearly fell upon her. He lost his grip on her head, but would not let go of her neck. She could move a little. 
Beka clawed and scratched at his chest. Her fingers caught on a metal chain. She pulled. The chain snapped off in her hand. There was another blow. The pressure on her neck was released. 
Her attacker was huge, he made Swen, who was reaching for Beka, look like a child. His long black hair flowed around his head, like a shroud. His green eyes, glowed like cat's eyes. Her blood was on his lips. He snarled. His fangs were dripping with her blood. He was vampire.