Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm at that ugh stage...

Since May of last year, I have been doing two things; losing weight and writing. Right now I am at the Ugh Stage in both.

What is the Ugh stage? It's the stage of any long process, losing weight, writing, growing your hair out, painting, etc. where you can almost see the end, but its ugly.

With my weight I have lost 100 pounds. GREAT! The bad side. My skin is hanging off my body now. I am doing toning exercises, and I am working hard to get my skin back in shape, but for right now. Ugh! This is the stage where you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder that when you make your goal, if you could wear anything that would show skin. Remember the Simpson episode where Homer got liposuction, I am not that bad,  but I feel like that sometimes.

As for my writing.Every chapter I get back from my editor, should feel like I am one step closer to finishing. Nope, I am still tweaking my work after I get it back. After he gets done taking out the structure errors, I can find more pacing, and POV, and other strange things. So my novel is at Ugh too.

I am not stopping, I have worked too hard to stop now. But this is the point where you really find out if you want to go on.  It would be easy to stop recording what I eat, and not work out. And it would be a money saver and a time save if I stopped writing. But I don't want to. What else would I do? I don't even want to think about it.

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