Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love for some...

Ah Valentine's Day. The time for love. But not for my vampires.

You see, when I started to plan out these characters a long time ago, they were your typical romantic vampires. But then I thought, why?

So I decided that the rules for my vampires, made love and sex impossible for them. As it was explain in the up coming novel.
Steopa hung his head for a moment. “You are familiar with the modern stories about vampires?”
"Some,” Beka said.
“They suggest vampires are capable of sexual intercourse,” Steopa said. “That is wrong, we are dead. We cannot have sex, we cannot feel the emotions that would lead to sex, do you understand?”

It sounds horrible to the readers that expect it, but that was the rule that focused my writing. Then other interesting questions came up.
Do they have relationships? Why seduce anyone? What about dhamphirs? What if they did fall in love? Could they have families? As I mused over those questions. Figuring out the answers so they would fit my univerise, the story started to unfold.

Yet, as I worked these questions out. It was apparent that Steopa becomes more than just a teacher to Beka. So how to develop their "relationship" with out breaking my rules? You have to read to find out.

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