Saturday, February 13, 2010

My last 30 minutes

Here I am, sitting at Freedom of Expresso in Armory Sqaure, shaking my head over the last 30 minutes.

I have one errand to do downtown, before I can go and enjoy myself with Winterfest.  All I have to do is buy my bus pass.  I was $20 short, so I stop at the nearest ATM.

Okay, someone is inside. wait. I look at my watch.  Ten minutes past. The woman is still in there, I think it's a woman. The thing is, she has not moved. Not at all, she is staring at the ATM. Another 5 minutes and a guy pushes me aside to get inside the ATM.

I tell him that someone is inside. "Yeah, its my wife," he  says and goes in.

Good, I think, maybe he can get her to move. Another five minutes. She still has not moved. He lights up a cigarette INSIDE THE BANK! I am about to scream.  I give them another two minutes. He's smoking and she is STILL staring at the ATM.

I give up. I head down to another ATM. I get in no problem, but this guy comes in right after me. There are multiple ATM's in this kiosk, so I am not too worried. But then he slaps my back.

"Hey, Hey Hey, How do you work this?"

He is swaying and smells like he had slept in a brewery. Mind you this is 9 AM! He is already so drunk he cannot press buttons?  Thank god someone else steps in and helps him out.

I get my money, run across the street to the safety of the coffee shop and wonder where the heck have these people come from?  And why did I have to run into them?

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