Friday, February 26, 2010


Fledgling Podcast
  • Finished the SCRIPTS!
  • Heard some of the actors. We have some amazing people donating their time for this.
  • Not too many interested in voice acting, but the ones that signed up are doing multiple roles. THANKS.
  • Will start recording next month.
A woman has an affair with a "spirit of the forest".
  • Sounds like trashy romance, is not coming out that way.
  • Some interesting side characters have come out.
  • No working title, yet.
  • Researching Victorian fancy dress parties, and the Greenman.
The Prince and the Vase
Albrecht just wants the fairies to replace the vase they destroyed.
  • Paused on it for now. But making notes.
  • A bit of a satirical work.
  • Setting it in the town I live in, should be interesting.
  • Looks like a novella.

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