Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chapter 7

WIP means Work In Progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

“Oh,” Beka said.
“What?” Steopa asked.
“The candle.”
Steopa raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The candle went out. Beka could feel the weight of all the tonnes of earth above her. It felt comforting. She closed her eyes.
Vincent asked, Did it work? His voice sounded as tired as Beka felt.
No, Beka thought. The word came out so hard, that she wondered if she had spoken it as well.
You're with him?
Johnny's having a fit. I made Swen take off one of the belts to his bike. He wants to go and find you, Vincent said.
Tell him, I am alright.
Beka felt coldness starting to creep over her body. She shook, trying to keep warm.
Vincent. Come get my body, if I don't survive, Beka thought.
She surprised herself. It was a logical request. There was no pleading or any emotion at all.
Alright, I will see you tomorrow.

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