Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chapter Six

**WIP means not polished and things may change you have been warned.

Beka is searching for Steopa.

It was black. The light from the small room, behind her was faint. She would not turn around to see how far she had gone. If she stopped now, she would run. Beka could hear her breathing as she continued. It seemed to echo off the walls. Her intake of breath was quick, and the exhale was loud and long.
“What am I doing?” She said. Her voice sounding as if she had shouted the words.
Vincent, she thought.
Beka, Vincent said
I am underground, heading straight for a giant vampire, tell me I'm not crazy.
You are not crazy. Is he close?
Beka nodded, then thought, yes.
You two are linked, you are safe, Vincent told her.
I'm still scared.
You're still human.
Beka shook her head. She laid her hand against the cinder block. She inhaled. The back of her hand felt like there were bugs crawling on it. Beka turned her body, her flashlight shined on her hand. There was a centipede crawling on the back of her hand. Beka screamed and shook her hand. 
She swore and stomped the ground. Beka shined the small flashlight around. When she found the centipede, crawling around on the floor, Beka stomped on it. Then stomped on it a more few times.

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