Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WIP Wednesdays: Chapter Five

* WIP means, still not polished and things may changed, you have been warned.

She made it to the bathroom. Beka reached for the sink and leaned on it for a moment. Beka studied her neck in the mirror. It had been bandaged, but the cotton was soaked through. She reached up and gently pressed on the bandage. She winced, but the pain was not as bad as before
Beka pulled the bandage away. What she had on her neck was not the cute little puncture wounds that they showed in the movies. What she saw was a bite. There were two semicircles of teeth indentations. The area was bruised. The colors of the bruise ran from dark, almost, black to a light yellow with a green tinge. The fangs had left tears, not smooth holes. There were four of them, not two. Where the vampire had tried to keep a hold of her, parts of her neck had been ripped away. Beka felt the bile burn up her throat and she threw up in the sink.
The blood was not clotting. It wasn't bleeding, either. The blood was oozing out of the wounds. It would slowly well up and then drip down her neck. Beka rubbed a drop of blood between her fingers. It felt warm and sticky, like warm honey.
She turned on the tap to clean the sink. Someone had hung a necklace she had never seen before up on the mirror. Beka took it down. The chain was broken. The locket was smooth. Beka could almost make out some writing on it. The metal had corroded in places. Beka turned it over in her hand. She found the latch and opened it. On one side was a woman in head scarf, on the other was the giant vampire.
Beka stared at the images in the locket. The colors were odd for a photograph, then Beka realize they were paintings. The paintings were so small, but the detail was amazing. She could almost make out the color of the eyes of the giant vampire.
She closed it carefully. She remembered hooking her fingers on a chain in the scuffle. Had I held on to it the whole time? Beka wondered. Beka wrapped it up in some tissue and placed it in her pocket. She turned off the tap and another wave of sickness hit her.
“Oh, Beka,” Lorelei ran in. “I didn't hear you get up.”

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