Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WIP Wednesdays Chapter Four

WARNING: A violent scene.
Remember this is a work in progress, things will change, you have been warned.

There was a movement in the corner of her eye. She turned her head. There he was. He was already standing only a few yards from her. How had he done that?
Beka screamed.
He had her. She felt the pain. Her neck felt as if two nails were being hammered into her flesh. Her back arched, she tried to stop herself from peeing, but it was no use. She tried to move her arm and couldn't. He had her in an iron grip.
One of his hands was holding her head to the side. His fingers spanned across her face. The other arm was around her. Beka realized she was no longer touching the ground. She tried to kick him, but her legs refused to work.
Her vision became blurred. Beka realized it was his hair. It had fallen forward and was covering her face like a veil. Beka felt it move across her face. It felt alive, like hairy snakes.
An impact hit her and her attacker. He nearly fell upon her. He lost his grip on her head, but would not let go of her neck. She could move a little. 
Beka clawed and scratched at his chest. Her fingers caught on a metal chain. She pulled. The chain snapped off in her hand. There was another blow. The pressure on her neck was released. 
Her attacker was huge, he made Swen, who was reaching for Beka, look like a child. His long black hair flowed around his head, like a shroud. His green eyes, glowed like cat's eyes. Her blood was on his lips. He snarled. His fangs were dripping with her blood. He was vampire.

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  1. "Her neck felt as if two nails were being hammered into her flesh." me likes! Thanks for sharing!