Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday WIP: Chapter 12

WIP means Work in Progress, things may change you have been warned.

“No barrier.” Beka said.
“I was concerned,” Steopa said. “There are rumors about him... I wanted you safe.”
A breeze picked up and blew the leaves on the trees and the bushes. The smell of rain filled the air as a sharp crack of thunder broke above them. Lighting flashed, the bolt hit just over the horizon. Shadows moved along the ground, following the strong gusts of wind. Beka could feel that someone was watching her.
The shadows swirled ahead of them and solidified. A man stepped into the light. Beka saw his eyes first, crystal blue. He nodded at Steopa.
“My name is Ogden,” he said, in a crisp British accent. “What brings you to my home?”
“I am Steopa, this is Rebecka,” Steopa said. “We are here to ask for your permission.”
“To hunt?” Ogden asked. “I don't normally give out that kind of permission.”
“No, to find someone, another vampire.”
“Well, then I don't have to give you permission, because I am the only one here.”
Beka watched them. They were pleasant to each other, yet Beka could feel tension building. Steopa muscles twitched under his clothes. He stood straight, exaggerating his height. Ogden adjusted his tailored jacket and pulled himself up to his full height. He stood as tall as Rebecka, but he seemed to look his nose at Steopa.
They eyed each other, like a bear staring down a tiger, waiting to see who would blink first. Ogden had his hand on his cane, held out at a slight angle. It was like a Mexican standoff, conducted by Miss Manners.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ancient History of the Fledgling: Part 3

This is a nice study of the character Vincent. I don't think this was part of the graphic novel we were trying to put out. This might have been just a sketch.  I do like the hair style, he hasn't changed it since he became a vampire.

This is Vincent talking to Steopa. This scene has been cut out of the book, but I still like it.

Update time!

Fledgling: one more chapter to the editor. I am up to chapter 10 with the last fine tooth comb treatment. Deadline: April 16th.

Current WIP(s)
Kat: I don't like to outline, but the last scene involves a costume party, so not really outlining, but taking down my old d+d figurines and mapping out where everyone is.
Albrecht: Dusted that one off, figured out where the shop was, and added another twist.

Still waiting for all of episode one to be recorded, some have sent my episode two (thank you!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

So Close

Three chapters. That's what left for my editor to go through. Then its the finally combing, by me. The Fledgling will live!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday WIP: Chapter 11

As always; this is a work in progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

“That's enough,” A woman's voice echoed.
Adrian smiled. Beka kept the pressure up, tightening the blood around his neck. She knew the speaker was walking down the alley toward her. She felt that there was more than one vampire behind her. She glanced over her shoulder.
A woman stood in front of the group of five men. She was short, chubby, and plain. The men were all either like Adrian, or like the muscle bound vampire Vincent had dispatch, muscle bound and good looking.
“Let him go,” the woman said. It sounded like a threat would follow, if Beka did not release Adrian.
Beka opened her hand, letting Adrian roll forward. The blood pooled back into her hand and reabsorbed in to her body. Beka turned around.
The chubby woman must be “the mistress”. She had long red hair and an innocent looking freckled face. She smiled at Beka with gold plated fangs. Beka stifled a laugh, the fangs looked ridiculous.
“Good, you are reasonable,” The mistress said. “Let's talk, woman to woman.”
Beka nodded towards the male harem. “Send them away.”
Beka wondered where Vincent was. Yet, further away, she could feel Steopa, angry and coming this way.
Adrian crawled back toward the mistress. She stepped over Adrian and walked over to Beka. The mistress waved to the men, and they turned as a group, and walked to the other end of the alley. Adrian crawling behind them.
“My name is Paulette,” she said. “I'm afraid we got off on the wrong foot. I send my boys out to see what was new in this city and suddenly I am at war.”
Beka did not say anything. She tried not to snarl at Paulette's smile.
“Take last night, I heard there was a new vampire. I asked Adrian and Manny to find her, and look what happened,” Paulette said.
So the stake was just a welcoming gift? Beka thought. “What do you want?”
“Oh, nothing,” Paulette said. “I have been looking for something. I thought maybe you have seen it.”

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Trailers: To do or not to do?

I didn't know there was such a thing as a book trailer until last years NaNoWriMo. When I am on youtube I am not looking for anything book related (exception some of the stuff up about Discworld).  But there are people that love them, and authors that swear by them.

I don't know. It wouldn't take much for me to throw one together, for my upcoming book, but do they really get people to read your story?

I would have everything in place. The artwork, and voice overs from the actors on my podcast. The music from the pod cast as well....

Oh hell why not!?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ancient History of The Fledgling: Part 2

Again, more scans of the images that were made when we wanted to make this story a graphic novel

Steopa in thought
Steopa in Thought

This one is the only survivor of the original look of the novel. Very rough. The words on the bricks are: "Above the street is a predator, A vampire far from his home. He is hungry, Instinct is taking over, no control. He is Steopa Radovitch. Tonight he has to feed or tomorrow no"
Below it reads: Damn them... I never like waiting this long for a meal.

Over the city

Over the city.
I did not have the city named then. I did not want this story to be associated with a particular place, but I had not come up with a good name yet (that came to me during a super hero story I wrote). But this was how I saw the vampires traveling through most of the city. Think about it, How many times to you really look up?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

WIP update 03/20/2010

Finally got it done.
That story.
That one, you know the one I had to finish, but Gahhhh it was rough.

Yeah it was another vampire story, but not like the ones in my series. This one does not give a damn about the humans around him, except for food. It was violent, and dealt with nasty subjects. It was hard to write for those reasons and because I had to get into the voice of the main character.

Some days it was easy, no problem. Other days I was lucky to write fifty words.

It's done.

To the bottom of the finish pile with you, until you are ready for a rewrite.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP Wednesdays: Chapter 10

WIP mean Work in Progress. Things may change. You have been warned.

 “Vincent?” Beka asked.
“Vampire 101 time.”
“Alright, shoot.”
“So the sun hurt us?” Beka asked.
“Depends on what condition you are in,” Vincent said. “Our friend back there? If he doesn't get that wood out, ashes. But if you are not injured and you aren't too hungry?” Vincent paused. “Have you ever worked outside during the hottest, most humid weather imaginable?”
Beka nodded.
“Okay, remember that feeling, now add a hangover on top of it,” Vincent said. “You can function, but you are not at your best. And yes, you burn easily.”
“I've always burnt,” Beka said.
Vincent smirked. “Well, third degree burns if you stay out too long. Oh, and sunblock. Great invention, you can stay out a little longer with that.”
Beka dusted off her shirt. “I think I figured out about garlic,” she said. “I had a pirogi earlier. God, the flavors were so intense. Garlic must be murder. I don't know if I even could smell a curry now.”
Vincent laughed. “Actually, I still like garlic. But have you smelt some of those energy drinks? The ones Lorelei uses at the bar? They make me gag.”
“That's normal. Why do you think she pours in all that mint liqueur. The stuff is horrid.”
“You really want to walk all the way back to the 'keller?” Vincent asked.
“We're making good time.”
“Yeah, but let me show you something,” Vincent said. “I don't know if you will be able to do it.”
They walked a little further along the street full of bars and late night restaurants. On one side of the street sat a long row of taxi's. Vincent walked up to the first one.
“You free?” Vincent asked.
“Yes,” The driver said.
Vincent gave him a wide smile. “Great,” he said.
He opened the door for Beka. Vincent told the driver the address, then got into the cab. The driver started the meter.
Vincent sat back and winked at Beka. The driver pulled out on to the freeway. Vincent leaned forward. “Hey,” he said.
The driver glanced at them in the rear view mirror.
"I was wondering if you would see how fast this car can go,” Vincent said.
Beka heard a slight change in Vincent's voice. It sounded as he had whispered the same words at the same time.
The driver nodded and pressed on the accelerator. Beka grabbed the arm rest. Vincent laughed.
“What did you do?” Beka asked.
The driver swerved around a large semi.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ancient History of The Fledgling: Part 1

Over ten years ago is when this story and these characters started to form in my head. About four of five years ago, my husband and I wanted to try to tell the story as a graphic novel. We had posted some of it on a free comic hosting site (I can't remember, if it is still there I will be surprised), but real life interfered and we only got a small portion of the story up.

The story has changed since then. In the following weeks I will be posting some samples of the artwork my husband did for the comic, and a little explanation, if I remember.

This one was the opening frame of the comic. The writing above says "A possible meal. She is in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Actual size of this work is 8 X 11.
My husband would draw these at work on newsprint. They were only to be sketches of the final lay out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Broke my own rule.

I am a pantster. The type of writer that sits down and just hammers out a story, then goes back makes sure it makes sense. Sometimes I may stop and do a little research, but for the most part, I don't make a lot of notes, and an outline, I never will use one!
Until today.
Yeah, I am working on an outline, actually a timeline. It's for the series I am working on. I have so many events in my head, that I had to get them out and on to a visual form.
This background to my series is really helping me formulate why things are happening.
I am still going to write the stories with no chapter outline, but I think I like the timeline.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fledgling: Chapter 22

Just spent the last two day doing a major rewrite on my chapter 22. This is the major conflict chapter. As it read before, the villain was a wuss. I had to pump him up.
So after some rearranging, The chapter rewrite started with 7 pages. I rewrote, added more conflict and bumped it up to 13 pages.
Best part, I got the villain monologuing.

WIP Wednesday: Chapter 9

WIP means work in progress, things may change; you have been warned.
Warning violence and language. 

“This will be our town, commie,” Adrian said. He growled.
Steopa lunged forward and tackled Adrian. Both of them tumbled over the side of the building. Beka ran to the edge. They were fighting on the ground. Steopa was the stronger one, but Adrian was quick. Steopa connected his right fist to Adrian's head. Adrian spun around, and recovered. He jumped over Steopa and kicked him in the back.

Beka caught a movement in the corner of her eye. Another man walked closer, staying in the shadows. Beka could feel that he was vampire. Shorter, but more muscular than Adrian, the man carried a two by four, sharpened on one end. Beka, in a panic, looked around the rooftop.

The roof was caved in on one side. Beka spied pipe hanging off the edge of the hole. She ran over to it and tugged at the pipe. It snapped in two in her hands. Beka stared at the two halves for a moment, then ran back to edge of the roof.

The second vampire stood still. Adrian moved, trying to get Steopa closer to the other vampire. Beka hoped she could judge the distance right this time. She jumped.

She landed to the side of the second vampire. As she touched down, she brought the pipe down across the second vampire's head. He swung the two by four, and Beka used the pipe to block the blow. Beka feigned a kick to his groin, he flinched.

With his eyes closed for a second, she brought the pipe down his arm that holding the two by four. His arm broke. It bent the wrong way at the wrong place.

The second vampire screamed “Bitch!”, as he tackled Beka.

Beka hit the ground. He clawed at her shirt. She clawed at his face. He punched her. Beka snapped her head back. He choked. He looked down at his chest, his eyes widening.

A hand stuck out of his chest. Behind him stood Vincent. His arm had disappeared into the vampire's back. Vincent pulled his hand back, it went into the bald vampire's chest. Vincent leaned forward, as he yanked the man back.

“That there is one of my friends,” Vincent said. He hissed each word “This is her first night as one of us and she had to meet you.”

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love stopping by the Enchanted Bazaar. Not only is it my favorite shop, but they are the reason I am getting my book out.

MAY 27th is the date we have set to have the launch party at the shop. We picked the date because of the moon phase (I love it)

Every time I go there, I get a shot in the arm better than coffee.

Chracter Interview: Swen

Swen Jorgenson 


What do you do? 

I have an Uncle out west, and I live with my girl, Cassie

Favorite music? 
The good outlaw country, and a lot of southern rock.

What do you do for fun? 
Take my bike out. It's a Harley, not a ten speed.

What kind of people do you dislike? 
(laughs) I try not too, but it's hard when you gotta throw a jerk out of the club.

How do you feel about the events in the novel? 
Whoa. Beka sure changed. I still think my jaw is sore from Steopa.

Why are manhole covers round? 
I don't care, just as long as they are on properly. Have you ever hit one that was loose?

NOTE: This is the last interview. Next week I will start showing the history of this story.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Podcast hell

I could have been a lot easier on myself. I could have read the book out loud and sent it out as the audio book. But between my son and my father, they know so many actors and voice talent that I decided that I could make it more interesting.

So I took the novel and broke it down into a script of sorts. Well, I am at a lost what a real podcast script looks like, so I came up with my own formant. Take a look around, there is no standard form.

I have cut and cut and cut the novel down. Ten episodes, no longer than 30 minutes each. 5 hours of podcast. And there is a lot cut out.

Last night, second read through, while reading an action scene I discovered something interesting. Make sure that the person reading thee narration can get animated. The first time, he read through, very flat. The fight scene that reads really fast paced, suddenly was slo-motion.

So if you decide to take this route, make sure you or your actors get into the writing. If they have real trouble, check your writing. In the case of last night, it was his first time of reading through, he didn't know where the writing was going. Second time, he got into it and improved the pace.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update, Real life stop it!

Working hard on my final edits for Fledgling. Still getting some good critique suggestions, but some I have to ignore.

Working on Kat's story, ending up to be more political than I expected. Sounded like it was going to be a romance, HA! I guess I do not have a romantic bone in my body.

The podcast. Okay. This has been interesting. First off, real life, I have to get this done; Stop messing with my talent! We were all set up to do a read through, and the main talent has to run to the police station (I cannot talk about it). But really? Come on I have a deadline! Can't this stuff wait. I hope that is it for the podcast, because that was our first meeting, and I hope that is the end of the distractions. (Not making light of what happened to him, just sharing his frustration.)

Yesterday, I got another idea. Do not have time to work on it now. But I have the research saved. Ghost ships, Phantom Islands, and the Demeter.... Even if you put it together, you only have half of what I thought of.

Whew, catch up with you later.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When to say enough

Here is my situation:

I basically have two critique groups. One is a group of like genre writers. All are very good at what they do, and give me great feed back. Whether I want it or not, ha, no I do want it. The other is a group of average readers, you know, like I used to be. The ones that enjoy the book, and do not care if you did not foreshadow a cliche enough, or something like that.

The thing is; Who am I writing for now? Both groups are giving me great feedback. Overall both are positive (the plain reader is far more positive). The items that get pointed out that need to be fixed are fixed, but when I go back more issues are found.

When do I stop?

I am starting to think I need to stop with the other writers. This draft is as close as I feel I need to get to my final (after my copy editor checks it over), but every one finds something wrong. No that is not right, something they would do different.

The straight reader group is getting anxious, they want the final product (as do I).

So as writers when do we politely say, Thanks for the editing advice, but I know it's not perfect, but I want to send it into the world. Can you feel comfortable doing it?

I know I am almost there. Yeah there are areas I would love to punch up, clean up, and cut down. But do I want to spend another five years on this novel?  I have already spent ten.

Soon, real soon. It will not be perfect, some one somewhere will find a mistake, but it will be not embarrassing stage for me.

It's time to write for the reader and not for the editor.

WIP Wednesdays Chapter Eight

WIP means Work In Progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

This part of cemetery was wooded. The stones sat among the trees. Some of the graves were being pushed out of the ground by the roots. The place felt old. It felt wild. The cemetery of Forest Grove on the north side of the city was a park, in comparison to this one. Solemn Trees was a fitting name.

They walked to the top of the hill. Steopa stopped. Beka looked around. This part was modern. The trees had been removed. A few rows ahead sat a fresh grave. Loose soil covered it, a black spot on the gray ground.

Steopa tapped her shoulder and pointed. Beka saw another figure in the cemetery. This one was shambling along across the lawn on the other side. It had a strange gait, as if it was dragging a lame leg behind. The leg could not have been injured, the thing moved fast. The figure flattened itself to the ground. It crawled over the grave stones, heading towards the fresh grave. Scuttling around the grave like a crab, it began to dig.

When Beka was a young girl, and her family had lived in a farm house, one fall she saw a badger. She had watched the badger dig a hole in a side of a hill in a matter of minutes. The way this thing was digging, reminded Beka of that badger.

“What is it?” Beka asked, keeping her voice low.

“It is called a ghoul,” Steopa said. “It was a vampire, but it did not drink any human blood.”

Beka watched the dirt fly out of the grave. “So it eats corpses?”

Steopa nodded.

A sickening, splintering sound in the hole. The ghoul backed out of the grave, dragging a leg. The ghoul began to eat the leg, pulling long sinews off the meat. It's jaw elongated. It's once human looking face, now looked like an animal. The ghoul tore off a long piece of skin and slurped it up like spaghetti.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Character Interview: Andi

Name? Andi

Age? 22

What do you do? Go to college, and waitress

Family? Mom and Dad.

Favorite music? Anything you can dance to, but I also love Bob Dylan

What do you do for fun? I hang out with my friends at this little coffee shop.

What kind of people do you dislike? The pervy guys that think because I am working and wearing a short skirt, that I'm available. Also the ones that think I am a teenager. They are just creepy.

How do you feel about the events in the novel? Too much weirdness. Unfortunately, my ex is calling me now. I told Beka it would happen.

Why are manhole covers round? (She shrugged.)