Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ancient History of The Fledgling: Part 1

Over ten years ago is when this story and these characters started to form in my head. About four of five years ago, my husband and I wanted to try to tell the story as a graphic novel. We had posted some of it on a free comic hosting site (I can't remember, if it is still there I will be surprised), but real life interfered and we only got a small portion of the story up.

The story has changed since then. In the following weeks I will be posting some samples of the artwork my husband did for the comic, and a little explanation, if I remember.

This one was the opening frame of the comic. The writing above says "A possible meal. She is in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Actual size of this work is 8 X 11.
My husband would draw these at work on newsprint. They were only to be sketches of the final lay out.


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    I'm so proud of you ! I have yet to read any of your book but I am expecting preferential treatment as your adopted mom... !!! lol We're still hoping to drive up there for your big day....Joyce & John

  2. Thanks for your support. I hope to see you there!