Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ancient History of The Fledgling: Part 2

Again, more scans of the images that were made when we wanted to make this story a graphic novel

Steopa in thought
Steopa in Thought

This one is the only survivor of the original look of the novel. Very rough. The words on the bricks are: "Above the street is a predator, A vampire far from his home. He is hungry, Instinct is taking over, no control. He is Steopa Radovitch. Tonight he has to feed or tomorrow no"
Below it reads: Damn them... I never like waiting this long for a meal.

Over the city

Over the city.
I did not have the city named then. I did not want this story to be associated with a particular place, but I had not come up with a good name yet (that came to me during a super hero story I wrote). But this was how I saw the vampires traveling through most of the city. Think about it, How many times to you really look up?

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