Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday WIP: Chapter 11

As always; this is a work in progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

“That's enough,” A woman's voice echoed.
Adrian smiled. Beka kept the pressure up, tightening the blood around his neck. She knew the speaker was walking down the alley toward her. She felt that there was more than one vampire behind her. She glanced over her shoulder.
A woman stood in front of the group of five men. She was short, chubby, and plain. The men were all either like Adrian, or like the muscle bound vampire Vincent had dispatch, muscle bound and good looking.
“Let him go,” the woman said. It sounded like a threat would follow, if Beka did not release Adrian.
Beka opened her hand, letting Adrian roll forward. The blood pooled back into her hand and reabsorbed in to her body. Beka turned around.
The chubby woman must be “the mistress”. She had long red hair and an innocent looking freckled face. She smiled at Beka with gold plated fangs. Beka stifled a laugh, the fangs looked ridiculous.
“Good, you are reasonable,” The mistress said. “Let's talk, woman to woman.”
Beka nodded towards the male harem. “Send them away.”
Beka wondered where Vincent was. Yet, further away, she could feel Steopa, angry and coming this way.
Adrian crawled back toward the mistress. She stepped over Adrian and walked over to Beka. The mistress waved to the men, and they turned as a group, and walked to the other end of the alley. Adrian crawling behind them.
“My name is Paulette,” she said. “I'm afraid we got off on the wrong foot. I send my boys out to see what was new in this city and suddenly I am at war.”
Beka did not say anything. She tried not to snarl at Paulette's smile.
“Take last night, I heard there was a new vampire. I asked Adrian and Manny to find her, and look what happened,” Paulette said.
So the stake was just a welcoming gift? Beka thought. “What do you want?”
“Oh, nothing,” Paulette said. “I have been looking for something. I thought maybe you have seen it.”

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