Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chapter 9

WIP means work in progress, things may change; you have been warned.
Warning violence and language. 

“This will be our town, commie,” Adrian said. He growled.
Steopa lunged forward and tackled Adrian. Both of them tumbled over the side of the building. Beka ran to the edge. They were fighting on the ground. Steopa was the stronger one, but Adrian was quick. Steopa connected his right fist to Adrian's head. Adrian spun around, and recovered. He jumped over Steopa and kicked him in the back.

Beka caught a movement in the corner of her eye. Another man walked closer, staying in the shadows. Beka could feel that he was vampire. Shorter, but more muscular than Adrian, the man carried a two by four, sharpened on one end. Beka, in a panic, looked around the rooftop.

The roof was caved in on one side. Beka spied pipe hanging off the edge of the hole. She ran over to it and tugged at the pipe. It snapped in two in her hands. Beka stared at the two halves for a moment, then ran back to edge of the roof.

The second vampire stood still. Adrian moved, trying to get Steopa closer to the other vampire. Beka hoped she could judge the distance right this time. She jumped.

She landed to the side of the second vampire. As she touched down, she brought the pipe down across the second vampire's head. He swung the two by four, and Beka used the pipe to block the blow. Beka feigned a kick to his groin, he flinched.

With his eyes closed for a second, she brought the pipe down his arm that holding the two by four. His arm broke. It bent the wrong way at the wrong place.

The second vampire screamed “Bitch!”, as he tackled Beka.

Beka hit the ground. He clawed at her shirt. She clawed at his face. He punched her. Beka snapped her head back. He choked. He looked down at his chest, his eyes widening.

A hand stuck out of his chest. Behind him stood Vincent. His arm had disappeared into the vampire's back. Vincent pulled his hand back, it went into the bald vampire's chest. Vincent leaned forward, as he yanked the man back.

“That there is one of my friends,” Vincent said. He hissed each word “This is her first night as one of us and she had to meet you.”

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