Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP Wednesdays: Chapter 10

WIP mean Work in Progress. Things may change. You have been warned.

 “Vincent?” Beka asked.
“Vampire 101 time.”
“Alright, shoot.”
“So the sun hurt us?” Beka asked.
“Depends on what condition you are in,” Vincent said. “Our friend back there? If he doesn't get that wood out, ashes. But if you are not injured and you aren't too hungry?” Vincent paused. “Have you ever worked outside during the hottest, most humid weather imaginable?”
Beka nodded.
“Okay, remember that feeling, now add a hangover on top of it,” Vincent said. “You can function, but you are not at your best. And yes, you burn easily.”
“I've always burnt,” Beka said.
Vincent smirked. “Well, third degree burns if you stay out too long. Oh, and sunblock. Great invention, you can stay out a little longer with that.”
Beka dusted off her shirt. “I think I figured out about garlic,” she said. “I had a pirogi earlier. God, the flavors were so intense. Garlic must be murder. I don't know if I even could smell a curry now.”
Vincent laughed. “Actually, I still like garlic. But have you smelt some of those energy drinks? The ones Lorelei uses at the bar? They make me gag.”
“That's normal. Why do you think she pours in all that mint liqueur. The stuff is horrid.”
“You really want to walk all the way back to the 'keller?” Vincent asked.
“We're making good time.”
“Yeah, but let me show you something,” Vincent said. “I don't know if you will be able to do it.”
They walked a little further along the street full of bars and late night restaurants. On one side of the street sat a long row of taxi's. Vincent walked up to the first one.
“You free?” Vincent asked.
“Yes,” The driver said.
Vincent gave him a wide smile. “Great,” he said.
He opened the door for Beka. Vincent told the driver the address, then got into the cab. The driver started the meter.
Vincent sat back and winked at Beka. The driver pulled out on to the freeway. Vincent leaned forward. “Hey,” he said.
The driver glanced at them in the rear view mirror.
"I was wondering if you would see how fast this car can go,” Vincent said.
Beka heard a slight change in Vincent's voice. It sounded as he had whispered the same words at the same time.
The driver nodded and pressed on the accelerator. Beka grabbed the arm rest. Vincent laughed.
“What did you do?” Beka asked.
The driver swerved around a large semi.

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