Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIP Wednesdays Chapter Eight

WIP means Work In Progress. Things may change, you have been warned.

This part of cemetery was wooded. The stones sat among the trees. Some of the graves were being pushed out of the ground by the roots. The place felt old. It felt wild. The cemetery of Forest Grove on the north side of the city was a park, in comparison to this one. Solemn Trees was a fitting name.

They walked to the top of the hill. Steopa stopped. Beka looked around. This part was modern. The trees had been removed. A few rows ahead sat a fresh grave. Loose soil covered it, a black spot on the gray ground.

Steopa tapped her shoulder and pointed. Beka saw another figure in the cemetery. This one was shambling along across the lawn on the other side. It had a strange gait, as if it was dragging a lame leg behind. The leg could not have been injured, the thing moved fast. The figure flattened itself to the ground. It crawled over the grave stones, heading towards the fresh grave. Scuttling around the grave like a crab, it began to dig.

When Beka was a young girl, and her family had lived in a farm house, one fall she saw a badger. She had watched the badger dig a hole in a side of a hill in a matter of minutes. The way this thing was digging, reminded Beka of that badger.

“What is it?” Beka asked, keeping her voice low.

“It is called a ghoul,” Steopa said. “It was a vampire, but it did not drink any human blood.”

Beka watched the dirt fly out of the grave. “So it eats corpses?”

Steopa nodded.

A sickening, splintering sound in the hole. The ghoul backed out of the grave, dragging a leg. The ghoul began to eat the leg, pulling long sinews off the meat. It's jaw elongated. It's once human looking face, now looked like an animal. The ghoul tore off a long piece of skin and slurped it up like spaghetti.

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