Sunday, April 25, 2010

Advice Please!!!!!

I posted this on a group, and got no answers. I am hoping some one out in the Interwebs will be able to give me a little advice.

I am doing my first book signing event. I need to figure out how many books I should aim for.

Here are some things to consider:

Possible negative:
  • It's my first book, so no name recognition.
  • It's just before a major travel holiday weekend (Memorial day).
  • It's not being held at a bookstore.

Possible positives.
  • The owner of the place has sent out over 200 emails about the event, already.
  • I have personally invited over 30 people.
  • The fliers at the coffee shops had to be refilled twice.
  • The venue is right next to one of the hottest, busiest places to eat in town. People often come into this shop while waiting for their tables.
  • Being the start of a holiday weekend, it will be packed and there are posters in the restaurant about the event too.
  • The book signing is turning into a major event, prizes, games (most offered by the shop owner, I love her!)

So when this first started I was thinking 30 books, then 40, now 50. Am I being too optimistic? Or should I bring more? I am not too worried about having extras after wards, I have a list of people that are getting free copies, because of their help. I am more afraid of running out.

If I do run out, I am offering the people a chance to put a dollar down to hold a copy for them and a discount.

Any advice is appreciated.

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