Monday, April 12, 2010

Ancient History of Fledgling: Part 5

This is Vincent and Swen. Unfinished sketch. I think it was about this time that real life made it impossible to continue the comic. Swen (left) has gone through some major changes. One he is slightly larger now, and two that jacket he would not be caught dead in. Too bad it's not in color.

Beka again with straight hair. Her bite.  That is a major change. At first I kept it very Hollywood, the two small holes, like above. As I went through the MANY rewrites I really thought about how a real bite would look. When a human bites another human, it can look nasty. So why would a vampire bite be two, small, neat holes?  In the novel, her bite isn't.  But that may also have to do with how and why she was bitten...

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