Sunday, April 25, 2010

First review, from a buyer.

One of the two people that have bought the ebook were kind enough to review it.  I hope they don't mind I will post a copy here.

"Review by: unimportant name on Apr. 25, 2010 : star star star star
What Mari Miniatt has created is a character driven story that holds no compunctions about what it is. Like the characters in her story it's honest about who it is, and makes no angst ridden apologies for it. Fledgling Coiree Guardians - Book One leaves me wanting more. I could fill this review with a lot more nonsense. I couldn't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book without giving allot away. However, as Steopa would say "Vampires are cruel." I hope more people pick this story up and read it."

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