Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old RPG memories.

Random thoughts have been flying around my head this week. I had been thinking about the old D and D campaign we used to run. We had a lot of fun with it at the time. And all the old notes and maps are sitting around gathering dust.
Then I was reading a few articles about some rock musicians I really admire and somehow those two lines of thought crossed.
Did minstrels have to put up with the same stuff modern musicians have to?
Grrr. Another WIP just reared it's head.
I tried to shove it back, I really did. I am working on another WIP and have a entry for Script Frenzy to write. And this one wakes me up today with the names of the principle characters, what they play, and the main conflict.
I love it / hate it when this happens. Love it because the story is really in my head, ready to come out. Hate it because when do I find the time to work on all of it?
It will be easier if I did not have to work to survive, but needs must and all that.

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