Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preview Wednesday: Chapter 16

*Formerly WIP Wednesday. But since the ebook is out, it's no longer a WIP.


The stupor took Beka, but she did not dream. Instead, she felt pulled into one of Steopa's memories. At first the images were not clear, but then they came into focus. All she could smell was death.
She stood on the crest of a hill alongside Steopa. In the far distance a large fire burned. It looked like a second sunset on the horizon. In the distance, tanks were moving, and over their heads, bomber planes flew.
“Leningrad,” Steopa said, nodding toward to the fire. “It has been a year since the siege began. This was the first night I met Jalmari.”
Steopa pointed toward the city. There he was, walking out of the city coming toward them. A large dog padded alongside Steopa Rodovitch.
Beka thought the dog's gait was familiar. “That's Teodor,” she said.
“Teodor and I would hunt away from the city. Too many people starving there to feed us,” Steopa said.
Teodor changed into a form that was a combination of human and wolf. “Where are we going, Rodovitch?” he asked.
“They took the children,” Rodovitch said.
Teodor growled.
Rebecka turned back to Steopa. His face turned dark, like Vincent's had the night of the meeting. “Over there,” he pointed toward the tanks.
Across the torn-up ground walked a short man in a military uniform. Behind him were three other men. They walked toward a small farm with two rows of barbed wire fencing surrounding it.
Rodovitch and Teodor also headed toward the same farm house
“That was Jalmari and his compatriots. You have to see what is in the house to understand,” Steopa said, taking Beka's hand.
“Children?” Beka asked.
Steopa did not respond. She followed Steopa down to the house. Jalmari and his small group had entered the house. Beka could hear crying inside. She walked through the fence; it faded around her as she passed through. The cries turned to screams inside the farmhouse. She pressed her face against the glass. Beka tried to go through, like with the fence. Steopa placed his hand on her shoulder.
Jalmari's men were feeding on children. Jalmari stood to the side, not feeding. He patted the man next to him on the chest and pointed to a very young red-headed girl, with tears streaming down her face. The man grabbed the girl and tore into her neck. Jalmari stepped back and watched. Beka turned her face away.

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