Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday WIP: Chapter 13

WIP means Work in Progress, things may change you have been warned.

Beka's skin felt hot. She watched the women walk away from the table. Vincent watched them as well. Steopa reached over the table and took Beka's hand. His green eyes glowed. Beka could feel that Steopa wanted to be away from the crowds.
“Hey Vince, we are going upstairs,” Beka said.
Vincent grinned, “You want some privacy?”
Steopa gave Vincent a look like he was an idiot. “You should know better,” he said.
Vincent laughed.
Beka stood up. Steopa got up and waited for her to lead the way. They left the night club via the back hallway. At her apartment, Beka turned to Steopa.
“I have to invite you in?” Beka asked.
“Yes,” Steopa said.
“Come in.”
Steopa waited until Beka had entered, then he walked inside. He looked around the apartment, but didn't say anything. Steopa walked over to her little work area. It was covered with computer parts, technical books, and a scanner. He picked up a DVD drive, turned it over in his hands a few times, then set it down.
“What is all this?” he asked.
“My hobby,” she said. “Actually, I went to school for computer systems and networking, but never could land a job in the field.”
Next to her work area sat her computer. Parts of it had been replaced so many times that it was no longer the original computer she had bought. Laying on the table next to it was her latest project, a new motherboard.
Beka pulled another chair next to table. She patted the seat. Steopa sat down next to her.
“Okay, Can you give me any names you know Jalmari has used?” Beka asked as the computer booted up.
“Jalmari, of course,” Steopa said. “Jason Fletcher, and Hans Brandt.”
Beka typed the names into a search engine, opening a separate tab on the browser for each name. She opened up her IRC client. Two of her hacker friends were online. She put her headphones on and pulled her microphone closer. She glanced at Steopa; he watched her with his head tilted.
"I'm just getting some really talented people on this too,” Beka said.
“Do you trust them?” Steopa asked.
“Well, they have never attacked my computer, and they could.”

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