Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Chpater 14

WIP means Work In Progress. Things may change, you have been warned. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

“Some of them got away,” Steopa said.

“Do you think they will be back?”

“Yes,” he said. “They are trying to move into every vampire's territory in this town. They will come back to try to attack us again.”

“Paulette said she was looking for something.”

Steopa looked down at his feet, then behind him. “Where was Paulette?” he asked.

“I felt her,” Beka said.

Red lights flashed among the trees. The service truck flew past them on the access road. When it had passed, they hurried to the main road.

“I can't believe that woman has gold-plated fangs,” Beka said. “What type of person would do that?”

“It was foolish,” Steopa said.

“Where would you find someone to do that? Think about it, what type of dentist would do that job and not make a comment about it?”

A rustling noise came from above them, in the still trees. A large bird flew out of the tree and over their heads. It looked like a hawk, but not like one that Beka had ever seen.

“What type of bird is that?” Beka asked.

“A buzzard,” Steopa said.

"A buzzard?”


“Very odd,” Beka said.

The buzzard flew in the direction of the massacre, then flew back, following the tracks. It circled around Steopa and Beka, then over the tops of the trees. Steopa shook his head.

“Very strange,” he said.

They made it to the street as someone far behind them started to yell. Sirens were coming closer. Steopa scaled the side of a tall office building. Beka almost beat him to the roof. The corners of Steopa's mouth went up in a little smile.

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