Sunday, May 9, 2010

Assignment for #storycraft

#storycraft is a great little chat on Sundays on Twitter. Everyweek we are given an assignment. This week was:
"Tell a story w/ 300-500 words of dialogue Tags &action description ok but no exposition!"

Here is mine, a bit from my WIP about Kat. This is the middle of a long dinner scene. To catch up, Kat was injured by a creature. Her brother, a friend of the family, her boyfriend, her biological parents, and her adoptive parents are all around the table.

Lucas passed the vegetables on to Kat without taking any for himself.
What were you doing out there anyway?” Swen asked Kat.
We had gone out the night before,” Kat said.
The boat burning,” Lucas said.
I told you we should have gone,” Cassie said.
You couldn't get back to the college?” Swen asked.
She was safe,” Perun said. He picked up a piece of the roast beef with his hands and took a large bite.
Ogden coughed. “The question is what are those things. From what I saw of Kat's injuries, their attack is nasty.”
They paralyze you, then your skin starts to fall off,” Lucas said.
Lucas,” Swen said.
Rebecka chuckled. She composed herself, “So some sort of neural toxin?”
That is what I am thinking,” Ogden said.
Lucas sopped up some of the juice from his roast beef with a bun, “But those things are nothing but slime.”
Like a jelly fish,” Kat said.
Where did they come from?” Cassie asked.
We saw them at Karabash,” Rebecka said.
Where?” Swen asked.
Karabash, in the Ural mountains,” Lucas said, after he ate the drippings with his bread. “It's the most polluted place in Russia.”
I thought that was Chernobyl?” Cassie asked.
Why were your in Russia?” Ogden asked.
Perun belched.
Kat nudged him.
What?” Perun asked.
Say excuse me,”
Ogden shifted in his seat. “When did you go to Russia?”
We got back this week,” Rebecka said.
One of my descendants needed my assistance,” Steopa said.
Does he live in Karabash?” Ogden asked.
Steopa shook his head.
She doesn't,” Rebecka said. “We travel through the town.”
Yeah, but one of those things slimed me and nothing happened to me,” Lucas said.
You didn't tell me that.” Kat said.
I didn't have time,”
You were with them?” Swen asked.
Lucas nodded.
And you didn't tell us?”
It was a spur of the moment decision,” Lucas said.
You could have sent a postcard or something.” Swen said.
It's alright,” Cassie said. “I don't blame him. If I had a chance to run through Europe at his age I would have.”
Cassie patted Swen's arm. “Hun, they're adults now.”
Swen smashed his potato with his fork. Cassie refilled her wine glass.
The ones at Karabash were not near a dump either,” Rebecka said.
That dump is not legal, is it?” Ogden asked.
Kat nodded.
Legal or not, it's hurting the land around it,” Perun said. He ate the potato like an apple. “But who ever is doing it, doesn't want people to find out.”
Ray thought I was going to be in danger, because I lost my phone there,” Kat said.
Swen put down his beer mug. “Who's Ray?”
Just a guy from school,” Kat said.
Perun,” Ogden said. “Can you tell how bad the land is hurt?”
Perun nodded. “Yeah,” he said with a full mouth. “The ground is dead around the site. Those creatures are now leaving to look for more food. They are not natural either.”
Ogden rubbed his chin.
Anything else I should know, Kat?” Swen asked.
Lucas shoved his plate away. Kat glanced at Lucas, his face looked a lot more paler.
About what?” Kat asked.
Taylor Winter and I are organizing a costume party for Ogden,” Kat said.
Ogden nodded.
Taylor Winter?” Cassie asked. “How do you know her?”
I tutored her in chemistry, and she likes me.”
That is so neat.”
How did you meet Perun?” Rebecka asked.
She hurt her leg.” Perun said. “You know the running trail comes close to where I stay.”
Yeah, and I also know why you like it,” Rebecka said.
Perun grinned.
Why's that?” Cassie asked.
Rebecka bit her lip, “Ah, well, um.”
I like having the young women come near me,” Perun said.
Steopa gave Perun a glare. Perun chuckled and took a swig out one of the bottles.
Wait a minute,” Swen said. “You're not the guy that lives in those woods and has his way with the female students.”
Perun nodded. Cassie giggled.
I thought it was an urban legend,” Swen said.
I haven't heard the stories,” Perun said.
Kat glanced over to Steopa. He glared at Perun. Kat pushed her plate away.
I think I am going to go an lay down,” she said.
But Kat could tell you about it,” Perun said.
Kat stopped pushing her chair back. Oh god no, she thought.
What do you mean?” Swen asked.
Perun glanced up at Kat. “She hasn't been sleeping in her dorm room.”
What?” Swen said, slamming his stein down.

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