Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book Launch Craziness

To the left of this post is a countdown timer to my book launch party. This is not a book signing, that is only a part of it. This is a PARTY.
There is a lot of things to take care of. Food, drink, games, music, of course me and my books. And the store, Enchanted Bazaar, has been wonderful in helping set it up. For those of you that want to do more of a party and not just a signing. Here's what we have done, so far.

Choose a good date.
We picked May 27th, because was the closest day to the Memorial Day weekend that the owner of the shop could be at the store. But because of our location, we should get a lot of curiosity seekers.

A bookstore might be your first choice, but this shop is an art / metaphysical gift shop. I am a local author, the shop promotes local artist of all kinds. It is also next to Dinosaur BBQ , a nationally known local place. It is always packed, but being the start of a holiday weekend, we expect a lot of people wandering in from that.

I could have done better here, but the budget was thin.  What we did (the shop did a lot) is I made fliers to hand out. I posted the Facebook event page. But most of the work was done by the shop (if you get one like this be extra good to them). They got the fliers into Dinosaur BBQ, they handed out the fliers to anyone that walked into the store, Sent out invites on the email list (so far 20 confirmed from that!), Arranged for an interview with a local paper (Still waiting for the call). They did a lot more than me. But keep in mind some places will expect you to do it.

Fun Stuff
If you can only set up a table and sign books, you still have to get people over there and keep them. A little easier with my set up. It's a full party. Along with the signing of the books and planning the party trays (split half and half with the store, did I tell you how much I love them!). I planed a few contests and they did too.

  1. Vampire trivia (30 questions that only a real student of vampires would know, I will post them after the party)
  2. Word search. Took only a few minutes to set up at Armored Penguin.
  3. Costume contests. 
  4. Of course, readings from the book
  5. Music. To fit the mood, I am only allowing music from 1996 and before.
Don't forget to bring the books! When we first set this up, I thought 30 would be fine. But now I am bring 50, they have sold 3 already!  So what am I going to do when I run out! We have a plan in place, they put their money down, with phone number and email. When the books arrive (about a week) they will be called. If someone is from out of town, I will direct them to my store on Createspace or to Amazon.

I have one little incentive. A bookmark with a coupon to get the ebook version for free.

That is it for now. I will post later updates and of course pics from the event later. I hope this is helpful for anyone planning to do more than just a book signing. I wish you all luck.

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  1. Lots of great ideas here. Good luck with your signing. Too bad I'm so far away, otherwise I'd attend.