Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is approved! and one more mistake.

I got the final proof copy yesterday.  We walked to the nearest coffee shop, so I could get online ASAP and update some info about the book. In walks my editor! Talk about a good sign.

So it's officially for sale now, but the stores have to be updated first, I will post in my BUY!, BUY!, BUY! page where to buy it when they are caught up.

There is one big mistake in the book, but I am keeping it. When I discovered it I panicked, again. But then I realized it's salvageable. It has to do with the last name of the big vampire. It is supposed to be Rodovitch, but when one character speaks it, I wrote Radovitch.

So why am I keeping it. I am currently editing book two. And there is a scene where explaining that she is the only one that calls him Radovitch. I have decided to make it a "running gag", if you will. I have a last name that people stumble over, and I can totally relate.

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