Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie of my book, why not?

Over at Werewolf Kibble M.T Murphy asks  fellow authors to dream a little.
Assume you have just won the equivalent of the literary lottery and a major film studio wants to turn your work into a big-budget motion picture. Which of your stories would you like to see as a film, and who would you want to be involved (actors, director, etc.)? Also, CGI or no CGI?
So here is mine for Fledgling. Some of these have been cast in my head since the story began.

Ohhh toss up here. I have three that if they called me, after I stopped chanted "I'm not worthy", I would gladly hand over the movie interpretation to.

Guillermo Del Toro: Hellboy, Pan's Labyrith, The Orphange, etc. He knows how to tell a good story. He likes the monsters to be interesting. And his vampire book kicked ass.

And next to Del Toro is choice number 2:
Peter Jackson: I loved Lord of the Rings. But it's what he did with Frighteners and Lovely Bones is what I think would work with my story.

Number 3: Mr. Rob Zombie:

I didn't care for House of a 1,000 Corpses, but I loved Devils Rejects. And I did like his take on Halloween (ducking for cover from the vocal haters). As you see who I want cast, you can see he would make a great choice.

Joy Nash:
You don't know who she is?
She came to You Tube fame in her Fat Rant videos. I love her honest take on what us, fuller figure gals have to put up with.

She would be great as Beka. In one video she plays multiple parts. I really think she could pull off Beka's change from a self centered, drama queen, to a vampire.

Here is the hard one to cast.  For one you have to find some one already tall, and make them look to be 7 feet. There is one that comes to mind.

Tyler Mane

He's already close to 7 feet tall at 6' 8".  I don't think he would have any problem with the physical aspects of the character. I would like to see if he can pull off a good Slavic accent.

Tough call: A good looking smart ass.

Jude Law

I think he would be an interesting choice. He has the right smile for the part.

Only one choice for me:

 Jason Isaacs:

Great at playing the villains, but what really swayed me was his double roll in Peter Pan. One extreme Mr. Darling, the hardworking, nervous father. Then you had him playing Hook.
He could bring just enough menace to the proper vampire.

Another tough call. So I will chose someone not expected.

Patrick Wilson

Most people will know him as Nite Owl. I think he would make an interesting choice. John is a minor character in the Fledgling, but he has an important part. I think someone with a good theater background could make the part bigger.

Well, if Rob Zombie is a director. There is a part for...

Sheri Moon Zombie
I like the roles I have seen her do. But it's the role of Micheal Myer's mother that would make her perfect for Lorelei.
Lorelei runs that bar, and has to keep the vampires and all of the other craziness in check. Not a weak woman at all.

Here is where you could get the latest Disney star. But I want.

Lily Cole

I loved her in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. She can be cute, and  mean at the same time. She can pull off the extremely young looking Andi, while having the maturity to play her real age.

The perfect physical look for Swen is a guitarist that will not be named. So I will have to pick...

Gerald Butler
If he is willing to go blond, I think he would make a great Swen. He's already played Beowulf and Attila. So that is a great pedigree for the role.

Special effects.
Except for one or two scenes. Most of the shots could be done without CGI. I would want it used sparingly. I think it would a nice homage to some of my favorite vampire films that didn't use a lot of special effects.
Thankfully, there would not be a lot of "wire fu" in this either.

This was a lot of fun. If it ever gets made (one can dream), I hope they find this blog post and have a good laugh.


  1. I think I would like to see this flick this weekend!

    The fact that you would even consider Rob Zombie intrigues me. I loved both his Halloween film (second was ok but first was outstanding) and Tyler Mayne's performance. Your choice of Joy Nash for the lead is very interesting. I am not famliar with her but I will have to look for her videos.

    I will definitely check out your book soon!

  2. I <3 Vincent already hehe. If he smiles like Jude Law, then he's stolen my heart before I've even met him! ^^ I'm so excited to read your book, Mari!!!

  3. This was a lot of fun. The best part about the casting is that it's the first part of a series. And the second book deals with Vincent, so Jude Law would get a lot of screen time!