Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preview Wednesday: Chapter 17

FIGHT!!!! And what just came through the door???

'Stache stared at her blood oozing around his hands. Beka tackled him. She threw all her weight and her new strength into the blow. They skidded across the floor, knocking tables and chairs over in their wake. Beka pulled back her fist and struck him. His face gave way as her fist connected with his skull. She left him laying on the floor, with his brains and blood forming a halo around what was left of his head.

She ran to the DJ cage. John and Lorelei had locked the door. Beka glanced inside to make sure they were all right. Lorelei had her phone in her hand, yelling, “Just get here!”

John had power cables looped around his shoulders. “Stay away from the cage,” he said. “We're grounded.”

Beka nodded and backed away. John had built the DJ cage; he knew what he was doing. She watched John for a moment, as he attached the wires to the metal surrounding the cage. Beka turned around to see if she could help Vincent or Steopa.

Vincent misted. His attackers looked around confused. Vincent solidified behind one of them and swiped him across the back. Another one moved to tackle Vincent. When the first one turned around, Vincent misted. The first one was tackled by the second one.

Steopa faced three of the drudges. He picked up a bar stool and swung it around. One drudge tried to attack him. Steopa used the stool to block the attack and then used it to knock the drudge to the floor. The other two tried to attack Steopa. He swung the bar stool back with one arm, knocking the other drudges away.

From the outside, Beka heard the low rumble of a motorcycle. It had to be Swen. Paulette turned to Adrian and said something to him. Adrian began to walk toward Beka. He bared his fangs.

Someone hit her from behind. Beka fell forward. She slammed into a table on her way down; the table split in two. Beka rolled over. 'Stache leered above her. The skin on his face had not healed; it grew over the exposed muscle. Beka kicked.

'Stache stumbled back and into the electrified DJ cage. His body landed in a spread eagle position with his hands high above his head. His body looked like he was dancing. He twisted, setting sparks off. His body jerked and twisted against the cage until the breakers blew.

His body slumped forward. Beka reached behind her and grabbed the broken table's leg. She snapped it off and flipped the leg in her hands. She ran up to 'Stache while he twitched. Beka raised the table leg and brought it down into his chest.

From the main entrance, a loud growl, followed by a long scream sounded through the club. Beka turned around. Another drudge ran through the door, looking over his shoulder. He ran into Steopa.  Steopa grabbed the frightened vampire, head-butted him and then slammed him into one of the thick oak tables.

An animal-like bellow echoed. The doors flew open, splintering off their hinges. Through the flying debris a creature barreled through. On its hind legs, it towered over Steopa. It looked like a bear, but swung its arms like a man. It wore torn jeans and a leather vest that Beka recognized.

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