Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preview Wednesday: Chapter 19

As I get closer to the end of the book it's getting harder to find a preview that doesn't give much away....

  He walked over to the sword display. He took one down and swung it around a few times, then he placed it in a scabbard on his side.
  “You know how to use them?” Beka asked.
  Steopa nodded. He flung his long hair back as he reached for his long overcoat.
  “My dad wanted me to learn how to fence,” she said.
  He lowered his hand. “Did you learn?”
  Beka shook her head. “No, mom didn't think girls should play with swords.”
  “Fencing is not playing,” Steopa said.
  He pulled the sword out of his scabbard. He brought it over to Beka, holding the blade flat against his other hand. The thick blade was a few feet long. One edge of the blade was sharpened, the other edge looked like a large steak knife.
  “This sword is not for fencing,” Steopa said.
  “What is it for, then?” Beka asked.
  “Killing.” He turned the blade side down. “These teeth here rip out flesh.”
  He slapped the flat of the blade against his hand. “It is heavy enough to be used as a club.”
  He flipped the sword around and held it out to her, handle out. “Take it,”
  She wrapped her fingers around the sword handle. She could feel its weight. A few days ago she would have had trouble lifting it.
  Steopa pulled it out of her hand. “We will have to work on your grip.”
  “You'll show me?”
  “Yes. We can use our claws and teeth, but sometimes you need to have a weapon in your hand.”
  Steopa slid the sword back into the scabbard. He put on his long coat, adjusting the scabbard so it would not show.

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