Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update time!

I have had to put my one of my  WIP's on the back burner and concentrate on my next novel coming out.  Because If I don't. It won't be copy-edited in time to publish.

So where did I leave off.
Lucas is almost done, I am at the final battle, that sets the tone for the next part of the series. Shelved for now.

Minstrels!! I got them to the main town. They are about ready to take over the last act completely.

But the second book in my current series. Is coming along nicely.  I added a whole chapter last night. It finished a minor arc for the MC and gave you a look into his darker side. So the fight that is coming up, will not be such a shock.

The editing is moving well. I have a beta reader too. She really gives me good insight and funny comments. (still giggling over the Chuck Norris one)

Keep you posted.

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