Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You should write a diet book!!!

Yes, I should, but I won't.

As of today, one year of dieting and exercise has made 110 pounds disappear off my frame.

So here is how I did it, all for free.

Started with Alli. I did not have the horrible experiences with,  shhhh "anal leakage"  That some people did. The pill did work for me, and for the first few months I stuck to the plan and took my pill,  and lost weight. IT WORKS. But then other side effects happened. I dropped the pill after talking to a nurse, but continued with the diet.

So what is my secret diet.  Ready?
  • 1800 calories
  • less than 30% from fat
  •  25 g or more of fiber.
That's it! I have eaten ice cream, pizza, candy, cookies, cheeseburgers, etc.  I have drank wine, beer, and sodas (Just sugar free) and I have lost the weight.  The trick is to record EVERYTHING. Make yourself accountable for what you ate.  And if you mess up, or skip a day (birthday, anniversary, holidays, state fair, book signings, etc). Just start over the next day.

So there you have it, how I did it.

I did have great support. My husband is wonderful. A friend, Robin, cheers me on (great job with your 62 lbs lost too!!!).  And a shout out to Underground Wellness.  Sean is a great vlogger about health issues. All his vids on weight lost are here .  A great one is here:

I might do a cookbook....

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