Monday, June 14, 2010


I am going to give Authonomy a try.

What is that? It's a place for authors to put up their writing and have other authors judge it, give feedback on it, etc. And it is own by Harper Collins. Which has taken a few of the books that have risen to the top of the lists and offer contracts to the writers. Not a lot, my count is five, but the company is watching the site.

You hear good things and bad things about this place. So far this has been my experience.

  • The upload was easy, at least if you use a .rtf file.
  • You do not have to upload your whole book.
  • You get feedback right away.
  • There are some other great pieces of writing on the site.
  • Supportive of self-published authors.

  • It can be a popularity contest. A lot of my first feedback was, "great book, follow mine please."
  • Some people think joining the site means you WILL be picked up by Harper Collins, and when they aren't, complain about it.
  • Can become just as addictive as Twitter and Facebook

I have gotten some good advice in the marketing of my book, stuff I wasn't getting anywhere else. I did not join the site in expectation that Harper Collins would see my book and fall in love with it. I joined it for the good feedback. You have to wade through the ones that did not really read your sample.  It  might be exciting at first to get all this glowing praise, but I like the more constructive critiques better.  Those are the ones I will follow back.

I'm going to give it a month, see how it goes.

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