Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Booze, Broads, and Blood - 1

This is a background story featuring Vincent. I am offering it for free, and unedited. So enjoy warts and all

It smelt worse than it looked. Vincent walked on top of the mess, but he still watched where he put his feet. He glanced behind him, Nicky backed up the flatbed pickup to the gate. Vincent stopped and surveyed the pen. He had worked in this horrible place decades ago, and it looked the same.

The large building dominated the skyline in this part of the city. The tenements that had sprung up around it, were owned by the same company that owned the slaughterhouse. They liked to have their employees close. The factory ran around the clock, except on a few days a year. Such as tonight, Easter.

They had been sent out for one strange job. Vincent thought he would never have to walk through the pig holding pens again. The mass of porcine, rutting and squealing almost as if they were a single creature. If they got spooked, he could end up trampled. When he was alive, that would have killed him. Not an issue now.

He found the one he was looking for. The mass of pigs moved away from him as he crossed the holding pen. They scrambled and pushed each other to the sides of the pen. The path opened up as Vincent approach the large red boar raised its head. The flesh around his face wobbled as Vincent approached.

“So-ey! Come swine! Come swine!” Vincent called.

The giant boar turned its head and fixed his eyes on Vincent. It snorted.

“Come swine!”

The boar charged Vincent. In the newspaper the pig's weight had been reported around a thousand pounds. Vincent did not move. He waited until the large beast was almost upon him, then he hit it in the back of the head. The boar fell on it's front legs.

It snorted. Vincent threw the lasso around its short neck. “Come on piggy, to the truck.”

The pig pulled, but Vincent pulled harder. He pinched one of the ears of the boar. It waddled in the direction of the truck. Nicky got out of the truck and opened the back gate. He turned around and rubbed the back of his neck.

“That's a big pig,” he said.

“Shut up and help me get it in the truck.”

Nicky pulled out the gang plank. Vincent pulled on the rope and drug the large hog onto the back of the truck. Nicky slapped its hind quarters. The pig shot forward. It almost smashed it's large head on the back window.

Vincent shoved the beast over and tied it's legs together. Nicky pushed the gangplank back on to the truck. The boar wriggled and rolled. Vincent slung the ropes over the pig and tied it down to the bed of the truck. He jumped off the truck.

“I thought you could charm animals?” Nicky said as they walked to the cab of the truck.

“Only women.”

Nicky got into the cab. He ran his fingers through his thick black hair. “Like you need to.”

He forced the truck into gear. “I'm no good with pigs, or I would have gone.”

Vincent shook his head. He watched the huge slaughter house as they drove away. He knew that place well. And any chance to mess with it was worth it.

“Why did we have to steal the pig, again?” Nicky asked.

“Because we need something for the show.”

“I know that, but why did we have to steal that pig?”

“Haven't you read the papers, it's the sweetheart of the people that don't want it made into chitterlings.”

“What do you want to do after dropping the swine off?”

“The night is still young... I am sure there is something we could do.”


Vincent nodded. “Yeah, drop the pig off, clean up and go see Verina.”

Nicky smiled. “Which club is she at tonight?”

“Coach House.”

Nicky sighed. “Damn, I hate the Morales.”

“I think we are the only ones that can say that to their faces.”

Nicky nodded. He turned down a side street. “But the Coach House is nice. I may think Jules is an arrogant bimbo, but he runs a swell place.”

Vincent ran his tongue over his fangs. He needed a quick meal and the Couch House had the sweetest dancers.

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