Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Booze, Broads, and Blood - 2

This is a background story featuring Vincent. I am offering it for free, and unedited. So enjoy warts and all.

   “That's one big hog,” Tony said, flipping open his silver cigarette case, but not looking at the pig.
   “You guys got a pen for it, right?” Nicky asked.
   “What? You think we were going give it a hotel room?”
   Tony looked and acted like a weasel. Vincent had never met anyone before that fit that description. He gave you the impression that he would slide out of your hands and into some lady's dress at any moment.
   He flung one finished cigarette away, then lit another. “Get the pig down, I'll show you where the boss wants it.”
   Vincent undid the ropes. The hog tried to get up, but his legs were still bound. Vincent pulled on it's nose ring.
   “Settle down,” he said.
   It snorted, covering Vincent's hand in snot. Nicky laughed. Vincent reached over and wiped his hand on Nicky's jacket.
   “Come on, stop messing around,” Tony said.
   Nicky swore at Vincent, then cut the hog's legs free. The hog did not put up any more fight as they led it off the truck. Tony walked ahead of them, leading them to the horse stables.
   “You're kidding,” Vincent said.
   “Why not?” asked Tony.
   “He doesn't mind his prize horses sharing stable space with a pig?” Nicky asked.
   “It's all we have, and the pig probably never had it so good.”
   The stable dwarfed the manor house. Around the clock groomsmen, stable hands, and a team of personal veterinarians. This wasn't a stable it was an industry. Tony led them to the side of the stable, that faced the blacksmith forge.
   A corral had been altered to fit the needs of a pig the size of a model T. Two stable hands filled a large trough full of steaming slop. The pig pulled against the lasso. Vincent undid the rope. The pig pushed the two workers aside and shoved it's snout into the slop.
   “Eats like my wife,” Tony said.
   Vincent had a quick image of little Tony and a huge wife in bed. He had to turn his head away and cover up his laugh with a cough.
   Nicky held out his hand. “Our compensation.”
   “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Tony pulled out a wad of cash from his breast pocket. He slapped most of it into Nicky's hand. “Don't know what you two use it for. I never see either of you spend it.”
   “We spend it, just not on you,” Vincent said. “You don't have enough tits.”
   Tony's mouth fell open. The cigarette dropped from his lips and tumbled down his leg into his shoe. He hopped on one foot, trying to extinguish the smoldering cigarette.
   Nicky and Vincent held their laughter until they got into the truck.
   The Coach House would not close for something as trivial as a religious holiday. It hadn't closed for the United States government and it wouldn't close for Easter.
   It had been an actual coach house, when Vincent had a beating heart.   The city had grown up around it and it was now surrounded on all four sides by other buildings. Nicky went ahead of Vincent down the narrow alleyway. He knocked on a metal door. A peek hole slid open, two brown eyes gazed out at them, then it slid shut.
   Nicky and Vincent did not have to give a password, like anyone else who came down the alley. A small man opened the door. Most speakeasy's employed the largest man they could find to run the door, the Couch House employed the maddest.
   “Evening, Bill,” Tony said as he entered.
   “Nicky. Vincent,” Bill said.
   His silver wound badge had been polished again. The shied shaped scar on his forehead seemed to glow white in the lights coming from inside the club.
   “Any trouble tonight?” Vincent asked.
   “Two of the girls, had a, had a, had a problem, but Miss Verina sorted it out,” Bill said.
   Vincent looked up and saw Verina. She stood by the bar, smoking a cigarette in a long holder. The beads on her dress shook as she laughed at something a man said.
   Nicky and Vincent went over to her. Verina patted the man on the shoulder. “You'll have to excuse me.”
   Verina walked to the back of the club and into the back stage area. Nicky and Vincent followed. The dancers raced back and forth in the small hallways.
   “Ann has been waiting for you,” Verina said. “Jenny thought it was her turn. Do you have to have them enjoy it so much?”
   “Jealous?” Vincent grinned.

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