Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Booze. Broads, and Blood -3

This is a background story featuring Vincent. I am offering it for free, and unedited. So enjoy warts and all.

  Vincent waited until the dancers were done with the show before he went in the back and got his meal. Verina had a little room off to the side, she insisted that she had her own office. But Morales didn't think she needed one, but they came to an arrangement. She took over an unused closet. That is where Vincent had his meal.
  He had just drinking his fill off of Ann when he smelt the smoke from Verina's cigarette. He escorted Ann to the curtain that was the door. Verina stood on the other side. She blew the smoke just passed his ear.
  “You still smell like a pig,” Verina said.
  Ann stumbled, but then straightened herself up, and went into the dressing room.
  “I still can't believe that place is still around.”
  Verina shrugged with one shoulder.
  “I thought after that guy wrote that book, places like that would be shut down,” Vincent said.
  “Why did he want the pig?”
  “I don't know, but he put the pig up in one of his stables.”
  Verina laughed. “Maybe he wants to race it.”
  Nicky walked down the hall. A few of the dancers tried to catch his eye. Nicky ignored them.
  “I thought Morales would be here tonight,” Nicky said.
  “Why should you care?” Verina asked.
  “I like to know where he is.”
  Verina placed another cigarette in her holder. She held out the unlit cigarette, until Nicky lit it. She drew in a long inhale of smoke.
  “I haven't seen him.” Verina walked ahead of them. She pushed the swinging doors opened. They walked out on to the main floor of the speak easy.
  Nicky rubbed his temple. Vincent glanced at Verina. She put out her cigarette.
  “You have another headache?” Vincent asked.
  “Yeah, and it's one of those,” Nicky said.
  Vincent took Nicky's arm and brought him over to a table. “Are you sure?”
  Nicky nodded.
  Verina looked around the club. “Should we warn them?”
  Vincent closed his eyes. He touched every mind in the place, except Bill. He had touched Bill's head once before. That had been one of the most frightening things he had ever done. He found two men in the back of the club. He opened his eye.
  “Those two.” Vincent motioned with his eyes. “They aren't here for the drinks or the dancers.”
  Verina smoothed out her beaded dress. She made sure her curls were in place, then she walked toward the two men. Vincent watched her walk away. He turned back to Nicky. A drop of blood fell from his nose to the table.
  Verina, I'm sending Nicky to Forest Grove. Vincent thought.
  Verina nodded, then turned back to the two men in the back. Vincent took Nicky's arm.
  “Let's get you out of here,” Vincent said.
  “You don't have to,” Nicky said.
  “You're still breathing, I want to keep it that way.”
  Vincent hurried Nicky out of the back of the speakeasy. When they had made it to the street. Nicky grabbed both sides of this head. He leaned against a brick wall, then slid down it.
  “This is bad Vince, real bad,” Nicky said.
  “We've had other hits before,” Vincent said.
  “No, not the hit.”
  Vincent pulled Nicky up. “Can you get yourself to Forest Grove?”
  Nicky nodded.
  Nicky staggered to the street.
  Vincent opened the back door. The first hit that he had ever experienced had come as a surprised. Verina and Vincent ended up against a wall by the explosion of the dynamite. They had walked away. The rest of the bar had not.
  He glided around the dancers. He couldn't look at them. Because in a few minutes they would be dead, or injured. He had gotten Nicky out. That would be the only one that he wanted to save. Nicky had been through the same hell he had been. He didn't care that Vincent and Verina had to drink blood to live. They had a good relationship. But when Nicky got those headaches it was time to be careful.
  Verina stood by the bar. She saw Vincent and joined him in the back.
  “They are armed. I don't know how they got them in,” Verina said.
  “Let's go,” Vincent said.
  He bit his tongue as they passed the dancers. Ann waved. Vincent forced himself to smile. They walked to the back door. Verina shut the door behind them.
  “Morales is not going to like this,” Verina said.
  “Screw him.”
  The sudden, high speed, repetitive noise of bullets being shot from a tommy gun, could be heard through the shut door. Verina misted. Vincent did the same. They had to leave, too many questions if they stayed.

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