Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booze, Broads, and Blood part 4

   Vincent entered Forest Grove through the name sake. A small patch of forest that was allowed to grow next to the Lutheran church. Verina stood next to a large marble statue, smoking a cigarette in a black holder.
   “Did Nicky make it here?” she asked.
   Vincent nodded. He could feel Nicky's presence ahead of them.
   Verina took off her hat. “You know, Morales will ask us questions.”
   “So? He knows about us.”
   “I am getting concerned,” Verina said.
   They walked across the cemetery to the newest section. The beads on Verina's dress sparkled in the full moon light. Vincent felt under-dressed walking next to her. A light shined ahead of them. The light crossed their bodies then disappeared. Vincent scanned ahead and saw what it was.
   A truck drove over the open ground of the cemetery, stopping at the memorial that looked like a church. Before the headlights went out Vincent caught a glimpse of Nicky hiding behind the sphinx statue.
   Two large men got out of the truck. They walked toward the angel statue standing next to the large memorial. One of them shoved it back. It looked like they walked into the ground and disappeared. But Vincent knew what it was. The tunnel.
   After statue slid back, Verina and Vincent crossed the cemetery to where Nicky was hiding. He jumped with Vincent touched his shoulder.
   “Damn it! Vince!” Nicky spoke in an angry whisper.
   “What's going on?” Vincent asked.
   “The Dysart's have company tonight.”
   Verina sat on the head stone. “Who?”
   “I dunno,” Nicky said. “Never seen those guys before, but they are mean looking.”
   “I should go find out,” Verina said.
   “Wait.” Vincent held up his hand. “The club gets hit and the Dysart's have new company? I smell a rat.”
   Verina pointed to the hill. “I saw some over there.”
   Vincent chuckled. “I mean, it doesn't seem like a coincidence?”
   “You think the Dysart's ordered the hit?” Nicky asked.
   “Maybe, or maybe their new friends did.”
   Verina laughed. “Vincent, you are starting to like this too much.”
   “Maybe you are right, but Nicky had a headache.”
   Nicky shook his head. “It wasn't about the hit. Something else.” He shook his head. “You won't believe me.”
   “Did you have a vision?” Verina asked.
   “What did you see?”
   “A creature, killing people.”
   Vincent gave Nicky a friendly shove. “You are talking to two vampire and you think we won't believe you.”
   “What sort of creature?” Verina asked.
   “Red, that's all I remember.” Nicky sat on the dew covered lawn. “I saw Joshua's face.”
   Vincent growled. “That is impossible. I gutted him myself.”
   “I know I saw you do it. But that's who I saw.”
   Verina looked at them both. “He's dead. We all made sure of it.”
   “He held Vincent and I against our will,” Nicky said. “What if-”
   Verina shook her finger at both of them. “No, the man is dead. No one can come back from the dead.”
   “You two did.”
   “Nicolas, we died, we did not come back. We never laid down.”
   Vincent lifted his head. He heard another car approach. This one drove over the cemetery with no lights on. It stopped at the top of the hill that over looked the rich part of the grounds. A slender man, holding a telescope in one hand got out of the car from the passenger side.
   Verina crouched down. The shadows flowed around her and she faded into the darkness. Nicky waved his hand in front of his face, he also faded into the shadows. Vincent turned to a mist and floated closer to the car.
   The man with the telescope lowered it. “All clear boss,” he said.
   The back door opened. Out stepped the large frame of Jules Morales.

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