Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have been sending out requests to have my book reviewed for over two months now. At least 20 request, I have lost count.  Only 2 replies and they were both no.  The two that replied, I love you, even though you could not review it. You had the courtesy to reply back and tell me why. And the other ones did not.

I want you to see this from my perspective. From an indie author's authors perspective. First, there are not a lot of review sites that will touch our books. The it's self publish so it's crap stigma hits you hard in this area.  So the few reviewers willing to stick their necks out and try it are hard to find.

So I get a nice little list of places that might be a good fit for my book. Weeding out the ones that have guidelines that my book doesn't fall into. And the list has gotten smaller. So I send out emails to what was left.

TWO responses. Seriously.

Before you think that I should not have wasted my time with the so called "unprofessional" review sites.  The two that responded to me were just that!. They were not tied to a magazine, they did not have 10,000 of followers on their sites. They were just fans of books, that like to review books. So the "professional" sites really dropped the ball with me on this one.  Not even an automated email.

What adds salt to this wound is during my book launch I met the people that had bought the book before the launch party.  They loved it, they came back and got my signature and told me how much they loved it. These people took a chance, bought a book from an unknown author, and enjoyed it. Those review sites will be getting a copy from me for free.  So they are not taking the risk, except their own time.  I am taking the risk, because they might hate it.

That headache I am getting is from me banging my head against the wall.

EDIT:  In response to a tweet I sent out just before posting this,  I got two reviewers interested.  THANK YOU!

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