Thursday, June 10, 2010

Insanity or creativity

Riding home on the bus today, listening to my MP3 to block out the woman yelling at her boyfriend on her phone, loud enough for everyone to hear. I shuffled until I landed on a Dr. Steel song.  And I really understood the lyrics.

Who is Dr. Steel? He is a musician, a mad scientist, a toy maker, future ruler of the world, no seriously, check him out HERE

But the song Build the Robots, struck a cord with me today. It's not just about building robots. Its about an obsession, to "Make the world a better place.... for me".  Just like writing.

Don't you feel like a mad scientist sometime when you write?  Don't you want to scream "IT'S ALIVE!" when the scene works wonderfully? And just like any mad scientist you want the world to tremble before your creation! or at least buy a few copies.

Writing should be an obsession, one that you want to share with the world. One that you know will get better at as time rolls on. One that you are willing to spend time and money on.

I know Dr. Steel sings about robots, but substitute the word robot with books or poems, or sweaters, what ever you are obsessed about and see if the song fits you!

Does this mean we are insane? I don't know, but it sure helps.

Plastic parts and glue

Doing everything I can do

To build the robots.

They're filling up the room

'Cause all that I ever do is

Build the robots.

I need assembly lines

A crew and much more time.

The money's all mine

And my funds are getting thin.

Probably have to rob a bank again.

'Cause I'm spending every dime and

I'm spending all my time to

Build the robots.

One fine day when I've got my army made

My flying saucers and toys invade

Every city and every town.

And then I'll plaster my face up all over the place.

See, I'm gonna win the human race.

See, I'm gonna make the world a better place for me.

Cause I'm manufacturing a disaster.

I'm taking over the world.


  1. Yes, I agree, writers are like mad scientists (or something). And now I've come to a realization: my insanity will work much better if I'm in costume! :) Next time I'm stuck on a scene, I gotta try out his lab coat-and-rubber gloves look.

    Thanks for pointing me to his site.

  2. Always a joy to introduce more people to the good doctor.

  3. OK I youtubed this guy. Regardless of the lyrics - thank you for mentioning him! The music is awesome! I've been waiting for noew music to come along ever since I discovered The Bird and the Bee (who are awesome btw) But, yes I see what you're saying. The story becomes the obsession, and,when you have a massive breakthrough, you feel like it could change more than just the story .