Friday, July 2, 2010

The birth of an idea.

Done with my writing yesterday. I wrote almost 900 words on my WIP. I changed the ending to chapter 8 in Killer. So I come home and sit down to do some business and promotion stuff with my books. Something starts to nag me.


Mummies have been cropping up in my conversations and my thoughts in the last few weeks. Mummies? Why?

So I hit wikipedia. I start to read up on mummies. Then I read about bog people. I knew about bog people. I had read the articles of remains found in peat bogs, that turn out to be centuries old. The remains are so well persevered that they can tell you what they ate, what color their hair was and even it's style.

Most of these people were killed in human sacrifice. Some showed signs of plain murder (how they can tell that, I am not sure). But the entry that caught my eye:

The Dätgan Man was found in 1959 near Dätgan, Germany. He had been decapitated, stabbed and beaten. His severed head was found 10 feet from his body. He is not believed to have been sacrificed, but to have been killed and then mutilated to prevent him from be coming a "wiedergänger", or zombie. Wikipedia

What is a wiedergänger? Turns out zombie is a simplification.

By the name Wiedergänger, also Widergänger, different ghost phenomena from different cultural areas are designated. The core of the wiedergänger myth is the conception of the deceased, who - often in the form of a physical phenomenon - return (as „undead“) to the world of the living. They usually cause problems and frighten living people. They exist either to avenge some injustice they experienced while alive, or because their soul is not ready to be released as a consequence of their former way of life. Wikipedia

Zombie, vampire, revengant all could be a wiedergänger. As I read, I found this great tidbit.

. Another form of the physical wiedergänger is the headless rider that, frequently mentioned in West German legends, entered into world literature and even into the history of film through the American poet Washington Irving and his novella The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. wikipedia

My mind is now swarming with all of this info. The idea is there. I can't wait to coax it out. I will keep you all informed, but this weekend. I have to hit the library for more information.

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